Roshan Ali and Unknown National Hero of Pakistan

It was a time when, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was targeted to assassinate and he was the Roshan Ali who saved Bhutto while escaping Bhutto by his Rickshaw.

A National Hero of Pakistan, who saved Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto from a life threatening attack by escaping him through his Rickshaw, has passed away.

Roshan Ali got too much popularity when he convicted that he has murdered to Nawab Muhammad Khan and convicted for the attack on Mufti Mehmood at Khaddian Khas Rally.

Today Roshan Ali has passed away. He has been buried at his native village. Surprising fact over here is, today’s people’s party who claims to be a party of Bhuttoism. No one came on his last funeral ceremony. Though it feels like it has been forgotten from the pages of history.

Roshan Ali is famous as Roshan Ali Rickshaw Wala. He was a resident of Kaddian Khas’s Rehmanabad Colony. It has been believed that back in 1969, when there was a General Ayub’s Regime. Some Government Officials planted an attack to kill Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. An attack was made during Bhutto was paying his speech at Nasir Park Lahore. Roshan Ali Rickshaw Wala, took Bhutto from there and escaped him crossing through narrow streets of Lahore and landed him safely at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. He got too much popularity for saving Bhutto’s life from there.

When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became a Prime-Minister of Pakistan, Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar as Governor Punjab, Muhammad Haneef Rami as Chief Minister of Punjab. Bhutto organized an event at Governor House and Invited Roshan Ali Rickshaw Wala as an especial guest of the event. Bhutto introduced Roshan Ali with all Government Officials himself.

When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was arrested in the case of Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan. Roshan Ali came into the court as a quake Clarke of a lawyer and when he reached at court, he raised his loud voice and said, that he has Murdered Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan, not Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He said that he planted the attack along with the Frontier Constabulary.

On his conviction, Army courts sentenced him one year imprisonment and 12 hunters. When Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto took the charges of being Prime Minister of Pakistan, she took Roshan Ali along with her and went to perform Umrah.


ڀٽي کي هڪ قاتلانه حملي کان بچائڻ وارو گمنام هيرو رڪشا ڊرائيور روشن علي گذاري ويو.

ذوالفقار ڀٽو کي قاتلانه حملي کان بچائڻ وارو رڪشا ڊرائيور روشن علي طويل بيماريءَ کان پوءِ  بلاول ۽ آصف زرداري سان ملڻ جي حسرت ۾  ئي مالڪ حقيقي سان وڃي مليو.
روشن علي، نواب محمد احمد  خان جي قتل جو اعتراف ڪيو ۽ پاڪستان قومي اتحاد جي سربراھ مولانا مفتي محمود تي کڊيان خاص جي جلسي ۾ قاتلاني حملي ڪرڻ تي به شھرت حاصل ڪئي. روشن عليءَ کي پنھنجي آباڻي ڳوٺ ۾ مٽيءَ ماءُ حوالي ڪيو ويو. حيرت جي ڳاله اها آهي ته ڀٽي جي نالي تي سياست ڪرڻ واري اڄ پيپلز پارٽيءَ مان هن گمنام قومي هيرو جي نمازِ جنازه ۾ ڪير به شريڪ نه ٿيو.
کڊيان خاص جي پاڙي رحمان آباد جو رھائشي  روشن علي رڪشا واري 1969  ۾ ايوب جي دورِحڪومت  ۾ ناصر باغ لاهور ۾ ٿيندڙ جلسهِ عام ۾ حڪومتي اهلڪارن ذوالفقارعلي ڀٽي تي دوران تقرير حملو ڪرڻ جو منصوبو ٺاهيو. ان حملي دوران هن ڀٽي کي پنهنجي رڪشي ۾ ويهاري سوڙھين گھٽين مان گذاريندي فليٽيزھوٽل صحيح سلامت پھچائي ڪري شھرت حاصل ڪئي.
جڏھن  ذوالفقار علي ڀٽو ملڪ جو وزير اعظم، ملڪ غلام مصطفي کر گورنر پنجاب ۽ محمد حنيف رامي پنجاب وزير اعليٰ بڻيا ته گورنر ھائوس ۾ باقائده تقريب منعقد ڪئي وئي، جنھن ۾ وزير اعظم ڀٽو به شريڪ ھيو۽ روشن علي رڪشي واري کي خصوصي مهمان طور گھرايو ويو ھو. ذوالفقار علي ڀٽو پاڻ روشن علي جو تعارف سڀني سان ڪرايو.
جڏھن  ذوالفقار علي ڀٽو کي نواب محمد احمد خان جي قتل ڪيس ۾ گرفتار ڪري مقدمو ھلايو ويو ته روشن علي رڪشي وارو ھڪ وڪيل  جو جعلي  ڪلارڪ بڻجي عدالت پھتو ۽ بلند آواز ۾ اقرار ڪيو ته نواب محمد احمد خان  کي ذوالفقار علي ڀٽي نه پر مان ايف سي جي اھلڪارن سان ملي ڪري قتل ڪيو آھي.
فوجي عدالت روشن جي ان اعترافِ جرم  تي ھڪ سال قيد ۽ ڏھ ڪوڙن جي سزا ٻڌائي. محترمه بينظير ڀٽو جڏهن وزارتِ اعظميٰ جي ذميدارين کي سنڀاليو ته محترمه بينظير روشن عليءَ کي پاڻ سان گڏ عمري تي به وٺي وئي.