Sana Bucha joined Geo back as Executive Director Special Projects

ISLAMABAD: An actress and anchorperson by profession, Sana Bucha has joined back to the Geo Group as Executive Director Special Projects. She will be working under Geo News and soon she will be starting her program.

Sources told that Geo News team has started working on the architect of studio for Sana Bucha and program content is also underway. Possibilities are that Sana Bucha start her show by the last week of August. Sana Bucha was a part of Geo News before that and left Geo New in June 2012. She was running a program ‘LAIKIN’, but due to conflicts with management, she resigned from her post. After sometime, Sana Bucha joined Dunya News and there she was running her program ‘YAQEEN’. In 2013, she resigned from Dunya News as well.

Recently Sana Bucha tweeted in her Twitter account that, in Pakistan Elections, everyone in Channels and anchors are on sale, where she never tagged her with any price and that was a reason, she quit from Dunya News.

During her disappearance from journalism, she played a role of reporter in Pakistani movie “Yalgaar”. It is expected that the film will be released on the event of Eid-ul-Adha.

Sana Bucha completed her graduation from England and started her career as Associate Producer in Geo News.

ثنا بچه بطور ايگزيڪٽو ڊاريڪٽر اسپيشل پراجيڪٽس واپس جيو پھچي وئي

اسلام آباد: اداڪارا ۽ اينڪر ثنا بچه ھڪ دفعو ٻيھر بطور ايگزيڪٽوڊاريڪٽر اسپيشل پراجيڪٽس جيو نيوز سان وابسته ٿي وئي آھي ۽ جلدي حالات حاضره تي پنھنجو نئون پروگرام شروع ڪندي. ذريعن جو چوڻ آھي ته ثنا بچه جي شو جي سيٽ جي ڊزائن ۽ پروگرام جي  ڪنٽنٽ تي ڪم شروع ڪيو ويو آھي. امڪان آھي ته آگسٽ جي آخري ھفتي شو آن ايئر ٿي ويندو. ثنا بچه جون 2012 ۾جيو ڇڏڻ کان پھريون پروگرام “ليڪن” ڪندي ھئي پر مينجمنٽ سان لڙائيءَ کان پوءِ اداري کي خير آباد چئي ڇڏيو. ڪجھ عرصي کان پوءِ ثنابچه دنيا نيوز تي پروگرام “يقين” ڪندي رھي پر 2013 جي شروعات ۾ دنيا نيوز کان علحيدگي اختيار ڪري ڇڏي. ھن وقت ثنا بچه جو ٽوئيٽر تي چوڻ ھو ته پاڪستان ۾ ھي اليڪشن، ھرڪوئي چينل ۽ اينڪر سيل جي لاءِ آھن مان پنھنجو پاڻ تي قيمت کان انڪار ڪيو ۽ دنيا کي خير آباد ڪيو. صحافت جي دنيا تان غائب رھڻ جي دوران ثنابچه پاڪستاني فلم “يلغار” ۾ ھڪ صحافيءَ جو ڪردار ادا ڪيو آھي امڪان آھي ته ھيءَ فلم عيدالاضحي تي رليز ٿيندي. ثنا بچه برطانيه مان گريجوايشن ڪئي ۽ جيو نيوز ۾ بطور ايسوسي ايٽ پروڊيوسرپنھنجي صحافت جو آغاز ڪيو.