Sandra Bullock named to be World’s Beautiful Woman

A Famous American “People? Named a Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock to be the Most Beautiful woman of the World in 2015.

A magazine has ranked a 50 year old Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock on top of the list, which was published on Wednesday. In which she has been shown for as a Villon in the “Minions” movie.

While been selected for the cover page of the magazine, Sandra Bullock said that when she received the news about this achievement, she was smiled and said she has not told this to anyone else. Sandra Bullock, who has already won an Oscar Award for her movie “The Blind Side”. According to Sandra, she feel more beauty to be seems like a mother of her five year son.


ساندرا بلوڪ دنيا جي خوبصورت عورت قرار

مشهور آمريڪي ميگزين ”پيپل” ھالي ووڊ اداڪارا  ساندرا بلوڪ کي ۲۰۱۵ جي  دنيا جي خوبصورت عورت قرار ڏئي ڇڏيو.

نئي فلم “منينس” ۾ سپر ولن کي آواز ڏيڻ واري پنجاھ سالا اداڪارا اربع تي جاري ٿيڻ واري رسالي جي فھرست ۾ پھرين نمبر تي آئي.

ھن سال جي ڪور جي لاءِ چونڊجڻ  تي ساندرا ذڪر ڪندي چيو ته ان کي ان اعزاز ملڻ جي خبرٻڌڻ  تي  صرف کلڻ آيو.

مان اھا ڳالھ ڪنھن کي نه ٻڌائي آھي .

فلم ”دي بلائنڊ سائيڊ“ جي لاءِ آسڪر ايوارڊ کٽڻ واري ساندرا چوي ٿي ته ان کي پنھنجي پنج سالا پٽ جي ماءُ ھجڻ ۾ خوبصورتي ڏسڻ ۾ اچي ٿي.