Sania Mirza’s sister called Sania a Super Human

Number one Ranking in Tennis world! Sania Mirza’s sister said that her sister is “Super Human”.

NEW DELHI: After achieving 1st ranking in international Tennis world, Sania Mirza called her sister a “Super Human”. Few days ago while talking to media Anum Mirza expressed her feelings and told that Sania was crazy for Tennis from Childhood and whoever had seen her, they questioned, whether she wants to be Martina Hingis? She surprised everyone with her activities in Tennis.

Anum told that today what Sania is, it is all her hard work and she deserve this victory. Anum further said that, it was a dream of her sister which she has fulfilled by her efforts. Whole family is proud on her and they are very happy with her success.


نمبر ون رينڪنگ! ڀيڻ ثانيه مرزا کي سپر هيومن قرار ڏعي ڇڏيو

نعي دهلي: ٽينس ۾ عالمي نمبر ون ٺهڻ تي ثانيه مرزا جي ڀيڻ انکي ”سپر هيومن“ قرار ڏعي ڇڏيو. ڪجھ ڏينهن اڳ هڪ غير ملڪي نيوز ايجنسي سان ڳالهاعيندي انعم مرزا جو چوڻ هيو ته ننڍ پڻ ۾ آپيءَ جو ٽينس لاءِ جنون ڏسي سب ماڻهو حيران رهجي ويندا هيا ۽ چوندا هيا ته ڇا هيءَ ٻي مارٽينا هنگس ٺهڻ ٿي چاهي؟

انعم ٻڌايو ته آپيءَ جو هي ڪارنامو انهن جي محنت جو انعام آهي جيڪو هن کي مليو آهي. انعم جو چوڻ هيو ته يقيناَ اهو آپيءَ جو خواب هيو ۽ انهيءَ پنهنجو خواب پورو ڪيو. انهن جي ان ڪاميابيءَ تي سب گھر وارا خوش آهن.