Sindhi Dunya

School not abandoned but converted into Cattle Farm in Sehwan

SEHWAN: A Girls Primary School building in District Sehwan. A School, which has been closed for any kind of educational activities but it has been converted into an active Cattle Farm by local feuds.

A School is under the possession of influenced lords. While going through with the classrooms, you’ll notice that the cattle feed has been scattered all around there. Overall, the school is giving an awesome look of Cattle Farm. The building was allocated by the Government of Sindh for Government Girls Middle School, to educate girls of the region, but instead of education, the school has been turned into a cattle farm, whereas teachers and other staffs are still enjoying the salaries and other benefits on a payroll of the Government. In order to keep running the payrolls, the teachers and other staffs also pay a handsome amount to influential lords, so they should not be exposed to be terminated from their ghost employments. Locals said that, the contractors have grabbed huge funding and escaped away and now the school is under the possession of influential lords.

Some locals tried to accommodate flood affectees at such places, but due to the presence of such feuds, no one can vacate the place for any kind of usage other than personal cattle farm.

Local people believed that the building is a Government property from last 7 years, but the some Rogue personalities are threatening to the locals and keep telling them that the property belongs to them. Due to recent floods in Sindh, local people of the village tried to accommodate these affected villagers in this school, but these influential lords are not letting them in as they have already taken the possession of the school for the cattle farms.

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