San Francesco: In the world there are many people who are music lovers. Many of them are crazy for music who wants to have music everywhere with them, which is not possible in many situations.
Those who wants to stay tuned with the music all the times at every place, even where they cannot listen the music, such as, Bathroom, Swimming Pool and under the water. It is not possible to listen music during under the water. Recently, a company has invented such speaker which is completely Water-proof, which can be turned on even in the water.
In California, United States a company has invented a speaker and named it “Boombat Pro”. Cost of this speaker is $120.00 (PKR 12000.00). The speakers are rechargeable and it can work for maximum 6 hours. Speakers can be used in around 3 feet water. In order to connect the speakers with different devices, company has inserted a facility of Bluetooth.
A manufacturing company of the speaker said that the speaker is really very nice gift for those who love to hear high volume music.

اھو اسپيڪر به ايجاد ٿي چڪو آھي جنھن جو سڀني کي انتظار ھو
سان فرانسيڪو: موسيقي کان لطف اندوز ٿيڻ جو شوق اڪثر ماڻھن ۾ ھوندو آھي پر اھو شوق ھر جاءِ تي پورو نه ٿي سگھندو آھي جيئن غسل خانو، سوئمنگ پول، پاڻيءَ جي اندر اھو ممڪن نه ھوندو آھي. پر ھاڻي ھڪ ڪمپنيءَ ھڪ اھڙو اسپيڪر ٺاھيو آھي جيڪو پوريءَ طرح واٽر پروف آھي ۽ ان کي پاڻيءَ جي اندر به ھلائي سگھجي ٿو. آمريڪي رياست ڪيلي فورنيا ڪمپنيءَ ”بوممباٽ پرو“ جي نالي سان ھي اسپيڪر متعارف ڪرايو آھي جنھن جي قيمت 120ڊالر( 12 ھزار رپيا) آھي. ان جي بيٽري ڇھ ڪلاڪ استعمال ٿي سگھندي. اسپيڪر کي ٽي فُٽ پاڻيءَ ۾ رکي سگھجي ٿو. ان اسپيڪر کي مختلف ڊوائيسس سان ڪنيڪٽ ڪرڻ جي لاءِ بليو ٽوٿ جو استعمال ڪيو ويو آھي. ھي اسپيڪر ٺاھڻ واري ڪمپنيءَ جو چوڻ آھي ته اھڙا ماڻھو جنھن اعلي پيماني تي آواز ٻڌڻ جو شوق آھي انھن جي لاءِ ھي اسپيڪر تمام سٺو آھي.