Scientists revealed way to remember Passwords

WASHINGTON: In the Era of Technology, everything has been transferred towards Digital World. From Bank Accounts to every other Business issues, today everything runs through Internet.

Internet has become a basic need of everyone’s life. People has introduced them into a Social Media Platform, where they are using different sources and have numerous accounts on different social media platforms. Though Internet world has minimized many things around the globe, there people also face problem to remember their different account passwords. On other hand, if these users have any simple passwords than they are very difficult to save them from hackers. In order to save their accounts from hackers, it is recommended to have complex passwords. Putting complex password is not an issue, but the issue which arises here is to keep in mind all those different complex passwords.

Experts believe that remembering these password is not that much complex as they have been understood. All is needed to have little bit proper learning of it. Microsoft recently have revealed such research, in which they said that by repeating the password frequently for some time, will make it possible to remember the passwords.

During the research, Microsoft included different people in the research. During the research they requested different people to sign-in. They said this to those whose passwords were too much complex and long. People who were in this research were given the passwords written on the paper, which they entered by looking their passwords and they get sign-in. They all were said to enter the same password again and again. After 3 continuous days practice of entering the password, around 88% of people remembered their passwords and they’d no need to see their password through paper. Researcher Joseph Bony told that, human mind works amazingly. The only need is, one should know how to use it properly. If one should repeat anything frequently, than they will not forget such things from their minds.


سائنسدانن پاسورڊ ياد رکڻ جو آسان طريقو ٻڌائي ڇڏيو

واشگٽن : جديد ٽيڪنالاجيءَ جي ھن دور ۾ ھر شيءِ انٽرنيٽ ڏانھن منتقل ٿي چڪي آھي بينڪ اڪائونٽس کان وٺي ڪاروباري معاملن تائين سڀ انٽرنيٽ تي ٿي رھيا آھن ان کان علاوه به ھر ماڻھوءَ جا سوشل ميڊيا تي به ڪيترائي اڪائونٽ ھوندا آھن. انٽرنيٽ جي صارفين کي جيڪو وڏو مسئلو پيش اچي ٿو اھو آھي انھن اڪائونٽس جي مشڪل پاسورڊز کي ياد رکڻ. اڪثر ماڻھن کي پاسورڊز ياد نه رھندا آھن ۽ آسان پاسورڊز وارن اڪائونٽس کي ھيڪرز جي حملن کان بچائڻ ڏاڍو مشڪل ٿي ويندو آھي پر انھن مشڪل پاسورڊز کي ياد رکڻ ايترو به مشڪل نه آھي جيترو اڪثر ماڻھن کي لڳندو آھي. بس ٿوري تربيت جي ضرورت ھوندي آھي مائڪرو سافٽ ان حوالي سان ھڪ تحقيق ڪئي آھي جنھن جي مطابق پاسورڊس کي وقفي وقفي سان دھرائڻ سان اھي ڪڏھن به نه وسرندا آھن.

تحقيق ڪندڙن ڪيترين ئي شِھرين کي پنھنجي تحقيق ۾ شامل ڪيو ۽ انھن کي ھڪ اپليڪيشن ۾ سائن اِن ٿيڻ لاءِ چيو جنھن جو پاسورڊ نھايت مشڪل ۽ ڊگھو ھو . شامل ٿيندڙ سڀني شھرين کي پاسورڊ ھڪ ڪاغذ تي لکي ڪري فراھم ڪيو ويو ۽ انھن ڏسي ڪري انٽر ڪيو سڀني کي اھو عمل ھر ھر ڪرڻ جي لاءِ چيو ويو ٽَي ڏينھن جي مشق کان پوءِ 88 فيصد ماڻھن کي پاسورڊ ياد ٿي چڪو ھو ۽ ھاڻي انھن کي ڪاغذ تي ڏسڻ جي ضرورت نه ھئي.محقق جوزف بوني جو چوڻ آھي ته انساني يادداشت حيرت انگيز آھي پر ان کي استعمال ڪرڻ جو طريقو اچڻ گھرجي شين کي مخصوص وقت کان پوءِ دھرائڻ سان اھي ڪڏھن به نه وسرنديون آھن.