Security Officials arrested Irani Oil Smuggler in Sindh

KARACHI: A person named Waseem Batair has been highlighted in criminal charges of smuggling Irani Petrol and Diesel within Pakistan.

While investigating, security agencies told that, Waseem Batair was smuggling Irani Petrol and Diesel and was selling throughout Pakistan. He was bribing to some high Government Officials to make this transition in a smoother way. Recently, Security Forces has made a move against it and are gathering the evidences against it.

Security Forces are still searching for more evidences, so they can identify the whole network involved in this smuggling. Security Forces also told that, it is under investigation that Waseem Batair was bribing to Sindh Police IG and Additional IG as well.

This whole scenario was told by a person who was arrested during the raid carried by Security Forces.


سنڌ ۾ ايراني تيل متعارف ڪرائڻ واري ماڻھوءَ جو نالو سامھون اچي ويو

ڪراچي: سنڌ ۾ ايراني ڊيزل ۽ پيٽرول وسيم بٽير نالي ھڪ ماڻھوءَ متعارف ڪرايو ۽ ان ڌنڌي مان حاصل ٿيندڙ رقم جو حصو اعليٰ آفيسرن تائين به پھچائيندو رھيو، پر ھاڻي قانون نافذ ڪرڻ وارن ثبوت گڏ ڪرڻ شروع ڪري ڇڏيا آھن. ايراني تيل جي غير قانوني ڌنڌي ۾ ملوث آفيسرن جي نالن تي به غور ڪرڻ شروع ٿي چڪو آھي. وسيم بٽير جي غير قانوني ڌنڌي مان حاصل ٿيندڙ رقم مان آئي جي ۽ ايڊيشنل آئي جي سنڌ کي به حصو ملندو ھيو. ان ڳاله جو انڪشاف سيڪيورٽي ادارن جي طرفان هڪ ڇاپي دوران گرفتار ڪيل شخص جي نشندهيءَ تي ڪيو ويو.