Shafi Barfat – A blacksheep Nationalist

Sindh, which is believed to be a safe haven for everyone. People love come over Sindh from all over the world. Sindh remained famous for being a host, culture and its traditions.

From the time, Sindh has been handed over to uneducated, illiterate nationalists. They turned Sindh to become a land of slavery, injustice and turned Sindh into hell. These nationalists who have a slogan with them that they need an independence state of Sindh, have never done anything positive for the cause of Sindh. They handed heavy weapons to the youth of Sindh, they stopped a growing generation from being educated.Shafi Barfat – A blacksheep Nationalist

These so called Nationalists, who all the time claimed that they love the land of Sindh as of their Mother, but if someone comes to know the real faces of these leaders. Everyone will be shocked and no one will come to believe that these nationalist leaders can even sell their daughters, sisters and even mothers. People have commonly heard about the traditions of KaroKari, selling their respected women as business deals, or lost their women in betting. I always wanted to approach people to tell them not to follow these kind of nationalists as they’ve never benefited Sindhi People or our motherland Sindh. All these nationalist parties are just on their own principles, where they believe, ‘Respect for Sale’.

In this post, I want to highlight one of the Black sheep Nationalist Shafi Barfat, while we’ll keep continue writing about other black sheep nationalists as well.Shafi Barfat – A blacksheep Nationalist

Shafi Barfat, who has been believed from so many people that he is running a similar nationalist party, just like MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement). He has been tasked from different international agencies to turn Sindh into ruins and scatter the minds of Sindhi People, so they should stuck in wrongdoings rather than approaching for any positive targets.

Shafi Barfat is one of those culprit nationalists, who never have done well for Sindh but only sold the respects of Sindhi nation and changed the minds of Sindhi youth in taking weapons in their hands. I am 100% sure that he has been funded by international agencies to conduct the activities to destroy a Sindhi Nation, so that they should be called culprits in whole world. People believe that Shafi Barfat has been involved in slaughtering his own party workers, while blaming on security agencies, so that he can gain sympathies of Sindhi Nation. He always use to go at the mountains to travel, wearing new clothes, holding guns and making different poses through his high resolution camera.

Shafi Barfat, who has been failed to gather a huge number of audience, only have a way to survive his party through killing of his own party people, so that he can blame on agencies and his party can gain some sort of support to continue his conspiracies. His way of terrorizing throughout the Sindh is similar as of Altaf Hussain (MQM). Both the parties are believed to kill their own members, and held protest against that killing.

Some of Sindhi people consider him to be true nationalist and I want to request them all, please do not follow them. Open the doors of schools and never let the politics to be entered within the gates of education. These nationalists including, Jeay Sindh, PPP, STPP etc., they all are funded through international lobbies to destroy our culture and traditions. They want people should call us culprits and name our society as one of misbehaved and illiterate nation. Moreover, everyone can better understand.Shafi Barfat – A blacksheep Nationalist

شفع برفت جو اصل چهرو

سنڌي نوجوانن کي ورغلائڻ وارو ، ايم ڪيو ايم جي هنج ۾ ويهي سنڌ خلاف سازشون ڪرائڻ وارو ، سنڌي نوجوانن کي مارائڻ وارو ۽ پنهنجا ڀڀ ڀرڻ واراو شفيع برفت ويگو تي سفر ڪندو آهي. رئيفل کڻي نوان نوان وڳا پائي هاءِ رزلٽ ڪيمره کڻي جبلن تي پنهنجا فوٽوز پوز وٺي موٽي اچي اي سي واري ڪمري ۾ ڊاڪتر مديه هاشمي سميت ڪيتريون هي فِڪ ائيڊيز آپرئِيٽ ڪندو آهي.
شفيع برفت وٽ پنهنجي ٽانگا پارٽي زنده رکڻ جو هڪ ئي طريقو آهي ته ٿوري ٿوري عرصي کان پوءِ پنهنجا ئي ڪارڪنن مارائڻ ، هو خود به ڪارڪن مارائيندو آهي ۽ اهو الزام به هو ايجنسيز تي هڻائيندو آهي ، هو ايم ڪيو ايم ۽ الطاف حسين جي طرز جي سياست ڪندو آهي ، ۽ پنهنجا ڪارڪنن خود مارائي ۽ خود ئي احتجاج ڪندو آهي .
اعتماد جا ماريل ڪجه سنڌي نوجوان هن بگهڙ کي سچو سمجهندا آهن .
يقين نه ڪريو جاچ ڪريو.