Shahbaz Sharif’s Arabic language amazed everyone

While meeting with Saudi Arabia’s investors, Shahbaz Sharif amazed everyone by talking in Arabic Language

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab held a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Investors Delegation. While meeting, Shahbaz Sharif started talking in Arabic Language with the delegation, which not only amazed the delegation but they appreciated it. Delegation mentioned that they are aware that Chief Minister not only know Arabic but fluent with the German and other languages also. Delegation appreciated the efforts of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif in the development of Punjab Province.

They added that the efforts made by Shahbaz Sharif for the development of Lahore as well as other cities of Punjab are appreciated. They further added, that Lahore model has changed from past gratefully. The way Shahbaz Sharif is working for the betterment of Punjab is not hidden. There are very low count of such people who cares for their people and Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is one of them.


شهباز شريف جي سعودي سيڙپڪارن سان عربي ۾ ڪچهري، سڀ حيران رهجي ويا

لاهور؛ وزيرِاعلٰي پنجاب ميان محمد شهباز شريف سعودي عرب جي سيڙپڪاري واري وفد سان ملاقات جي دوران عربي زبان ۾ رواني سان گفتگو ڪعي. سعودي سيڙپڪارن وزيرِاعلٰي جي عربي زبان تي حيراني ۽ خوشيءَ جو اظهار ڪندي چيو ته اسان کي ان ڳالهه جو علم آهي ته شهباز شريف نه صرف عربي پر جرمن ۽ ٻين زبانن تي عبور رکندو آهي ۽ پنجاب جي ترقي ۾ انهن جو ڪردار قابلِ تعريف آهي. سعودي جي سيڙپڪارن لاهور سميت پنجاب ۾ تيزي سان ترقياتي ڪمن جي تعريف ڪندي چيو ته شهباز شريف لاهور جو نقشو عي بدلي ڇڏيو آهي. شهباز شريف جنهن محنت، لگن ۽ عزم سان عوامي خدمت ڪري رهيو آهي، اهو تمام گھٽ شخصيتن ۾ ٿيندو آهي.