Shahid Afridi expressed himself unknown with T-20 rules

Pakistan T-20 Captain Shahid Afridi showed himself to be unknown with T-20 rules in a single T-20 played against Bangladesh

Shahid Afridi was victimized of wrong umpire decision during a single T-20 match played between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Umpire gave out for Shahid Afridi in his decision. Shahid Afridi got out in 11th over of the match on the ball of Mustafizur Rehman which was caught by a wicket Keeper Mushfiqur Rehman. Ball reached to the wicket keeper without touching to the bat.

Shahid Afridi was surprised on umpire’s decision and asked if he can go for review. Commentator was also surprised with Shahid Afridi’s review call, that a captain don’t know about the rules that whether the review can be used or no?

During the match there was no DRS used.


ھڪ  ٽي ٽونٽي ۾ شاھد آفريدي ڪپتان ٿي ڪري لا علمي جي انتھا  ڪري ڇڏي

بنگلاديش جي خلاف  ٽي ٽئنٽي ميچ ۾ شاھد آفريدي ايمپائر جي غلط فيصلي جو شڪار ٿي ويو. ميچ جي يارھين اوور ۾ مستافيزالرحمان جي بال تي وڪٽ ڪيپر مشفيق الرحمان جي هٿان ڪيچ آئوٽ ٿي ويو . بال بيٽ کي ٽڪرائي بغير ڪيپر تائين پھتو ھو.

شاھد آفريدي ايمپائر جي فيصلي تي حيراني جو اظھار ڪندي ايمپائر کان ريويو جو پڇيو.ڪمنٽيٽر به  شاھد آفريدي جي ان حرڪت تي حيران رھجي ويو ته ھڪ ڪپتان ان ڳالھ کان بي خبر ٿي سگھي ٿو ته ميچ ۾ ريويو استعمال ٿي سگھي ٿو يا نه ؟

ياد رھي ته ان ميچ ۾ ڊي آر ايس استعمال نه پيا ٿين.