Similarities in Four Personalities

Zulfiqar Mirza is in a great trouble.

A Cricket Team Coach Waqar Younis is in a great trouble.

MQM Leader Altaf Hussain seems apparently in a great trouble.

Imran Khan due to Justice (R) Wajihuddin is in a great trouble.

Interesting fact over here is that, that none of them are ready to change themselves, nor they are ready to decrease their difficulties. Here we will try to find some similarities between their difficulties and to understand their situation.

First thing is, no matter what these personalities are doing, they are facing charges of criticism but all four are not worried of being criticized and are keep going with what they are doing.

Zulfiqar Mirza and Justice (R) Wajihuddin both are now big problem for their parties as they’ve whooped their parties badly. Justice Wajihuddin is blaming Imran Khan for same kind of charges which Zulfiqar Mirza is blaming to Ex-President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain has also announced that no matter how worse conditions are, he will not leave the leadership of his party. He will not resign from his position within party.

The same way Pakistan Cricket Team’s Coach Waqar Younis has also set his ambition that it doesn’t matter that Pakistan loose every match, but he will not leave his position. He said that he has given all the resignations in his past, but now he’ll not resign at all.

It is unknown that what is a mission of Zulfiqar Mirza? Earlier he talked against MQM and afterwards, he disappeared. Distances between him and Asif Zardari came due to the reason, when he opened his war of words against MQM. During this tenure, he also resigned from his Home Ministry. In a question asked by Asif Zardari about Zulfiqar Mirza, he said that in it there is a good lesson for Bilawal. Now it seems that Zulfiqar Mirza has blown a trumpet of war. Some analysts believe that his second political destination is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). People who are dictating him to do so, will lead him to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, but his wife and son are still a part of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). There is really a limit from both sides and both have really a very huge patience.

In similar way, Justice (R) Wajihuddin and whole Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf / Imran Khan has a conflict between them. This perception is really interesting that Justice Wajihuddin has same allegations which Zulfiqar Mirza has against Asif Ali Zardari. At one side Asif Zardari seems to be helpless infront of his childhood friend Zulfiqar Mirza and same condition is with Imran Khan, who seems to be helpless infront of Justice Wajihuddin.

Imran Khan has any principled stand against the allegations of Justice Wajihuddin and it seems that Asif Zardari also has no answer against the allegations of Zulfiqar Mirza. Both Mirza and Justice Wajihuddin seems to be misguided missiles in the scenes of Pakistan. No doubt that both these personalities has changed the overall Pakistani Political Scene but also colored the new scenes in Pakistan’s Politics.

It has been reported that Pakistan Cricket Team’s Coach Waqar Younis is getting $16,000 daily and after hearing about the salary of Waqar Younis, I memorize a tale that, once there was a person whose family had a murder. There was a middle class lawyer within their family, who offered his services to fight that case but the family refused for it and they said that it is a matter of murder and we should hire the expensive lawyer. An expensive lawyer was hired and the criminal charged to be hanged till death. A family lawyer said that the same work I was offering for free that what was the use to hire an expensive lawyer?

Coaching which Waqar Younis is doing currently for Pakistan Cricket Team, can be done by anyone free of Cost. Waqar Younis refused to adopt an option to give resignation.

Similarly, MQM Leader Altaf Hussain has announced that now he will not resign from the party leadership in any condition. It seems that he has learnt a lesson from Waqar Younis, otherwise he used to offer his resignation after every 15 days.

This way Altaf Hussain and Waqar Younis has a similarity between them that both have turned their teams into difficulties. Altaf Hussain can say that his team has won the match recently but also has lost many matches as well. MQM has a similar condition as of Pakistan Cricket Team. This way Altaf Hussain and Waqar Younis has similarities, whereas Justice Wajihuddin and Zulfiqar Mirza has similarities as well.


چار شخصيتن ۾ مشابهت؟

ذوالفقار مرزا به مشڪل ۾ آھي.

ڪرڪٽ ٽيم جو ڪوچ وقار يونس به مشڪل ۾ آھي.

ايم ڪيو ايم جو قائد الطاف حسين به بظاھر مشڪل ۾ آھي.

عمران خان جسٽس (ر) وجھيه جي مشڪل ۾ آھي.

مزي جي ڳالھ اھا آھي ته انھن شخصيتن مان ڪو به پاڻ کي بدلائڻ جي لاءِ تيار نه آھي. ۽ نه ئي پنھنجي مشڪلاتن کي گھٽ ڪرڻ لاءِ تيار آھن.مان ڪوشش ڪندم ته انھن جي مشڪلاتن ۾ مماثلت تلاش ڪري ڳالھ کي سمجھڻ جي ڪوشش ڪئي وڃي.

پھرين ڳالھ ته ھي سڀ شخصيتون جيڪو ڪجھ به ڪري رھيون آھن،ان تي تنقيد ٿي  رھي آھي پر انھن سڀني کي ان تنقيد جي ڪا به پرواھ نه آھي ۽ ھو پنھنجي ڪم کي جاري رکڻ ۾ پر عزم آھن.

ذوالفقار مرزا ۽ جسٽس وجھيه ٻنھي پنھنجي پنھنجي  قيادت کي للڪاري ڇڏيو آھي. 

جسٽس (ر) وجھيه عمران خان تي ان ئي قسم جا الزامات ھڻي رھي آھي جھڙا ذوالفقار مرزا سابق صدر آصف زرداري تي ھڻي رھيو آھي.

ايم ڪيو ايم جي قائد به اعلان ڪيو آھي ته حالات ڪيترا به خراب ڇو نه ٿين ھو تحريڪ جي قيادت نه ڇڏيندو. ھو ھاڻي استعفيٰ نه ڏيندو.

اھڙي طرح قومي ٽيم جي ڪوچ وقار يونس به اعلان ڪيو آھي ته ڪجھ به ٿي وڃي پاڪستان ڪيتريون به ميچون ھارائي پر ھو استعفي نه ڏيندو. ماضي ۾ جيڪي استعفيٰ ڏيڻا ھئا اھي ڏئي ڇڏيا ھئا ،ھاڻي استعفي نه ڏيندم.

ذوالفقار مرزا ڪھڙي مشن تي آھي ،پھريون ھن ايم ڪيو ايم جي خلاف ڳالھايو،پر پوءِ ھو خاموش ٿي ويو،ان جي ۽ آصف زرداري جي وچ  ۾ فاصلا تڏھن ئي پيدا ٿي ويا جڏھن ان ايم ڪيو ايم جي خلاف محاذ کوليو.

ان تڏھن ئي پنھنجي وزارت ۽ اسيمبلي جي رڪنيت کان استعفي ڏئي ڇڏيو.

ھڪ دفعو آصف زرداري ذوالفقار مرزا جي حوالي سان سوال جي جواب ۾ چيو ته  ان ۾ بلاول جي لاءِ سبق آھي. پر ھاڻي ذوالفقار مرزا سابق صدر آصف زرداري جي خلاف طبل جنگ وڃايو آھي. ھڪ خيال ته ھي آھي ته ان جي ٻي سياسي منزل تحريڪ انصاف آھي. ۽ ھو جنھن جي اشاري تي  ڪري رھيو آھي ، ھو ان کي تحريڪ انصاف ۾ وٺي ويندا. پر ان جي زال ۽ پٽ پيپلز پارٽي ۾ ئي آھن. برداشت جي به ٻنھي پاسي حد آھي. ۽ انھن ٻنھي جي به ھمت آھي.

اھڙي طرح جسٽس (ر) وجيه الدين ۽ پوري تحريڪ انصاف ۽ عمران خان جي وچ ۾ تنازع ٿي ويو قدرت جا ظلم ڏسو جسٽس (ر) وجيه اھي ئي الزام لڳائي رھي آھي جيڪي ذوالفقار مرزا سابق صدر آصف زرداري تي ھڻي رھيو آھي. ھڪ پاسي آصف زرداري پنھنجي ماضي جي دوست ذوالفقار مرزا جي اڳيان بي بس نظر اچي رھيو آھي ته ٻئي پاسي عمران خان به جسٽس وجيه جي سامھون بي بس نظر اچي رھيو آھي

عمران خان وٽ به جسٽس وجيه جي اصولي موقف جو ڪوبه جواب نه آھي ۽ زرداري کي به فلحال مرزا جي ڳالھين جو ڪو به جواب نه آھي.

مرزا ۽ جسٽس وجيه (ر) ٻئي پاڪستان جي منظر نامي تي مس گائيڊڊ مزائيل پيا لڳن.

انهن جون ڳالهيون سياسي منظر نامي جون ته لڳن ٿيون، پر اهو به سچ آهي ته انهن شخصيتن سياسي منظر نامي ۾ هڪ نئون رنگ ڀري ڇڏيو آهي.

پاڪستان ڪرڪٽ ٽيم جي ڪوچ وقار يونس لاءِ ٻڌڻ ۾ آيو آھي ته روزانو سورھن ھزار ڊالر وٺي رھيو آھي،وقار يونس جي پگھار ٻڌي ھڪ واقعو ياد اچي ويو. ھڪ دفعو ھڪ شخص کان خاندان ۾ ھڪ قتل ٿي ويندو آھي ان ئي خاندان ۾ ھڪ درمياني درجي جو وڪيل ھو ان پيشڪش ڪئي ته ھو مقدمو وڙھڻ لاءِ تيار آھي پر خاندان وارا نه مڃيا انھن چيو ته قتل جو معاملو آھي اسان مھانگو وڪيل ڪنداسين. شھر جو مھانگو وڪيل ڪيو ويو پر ملزم کي ڦاسي جي سزا ٿي وئي ته ان غريب وڪيل چيو ته ھي ڪم ته مان مفت ۾ ڪيان ھا توھان ائين ئي مھانگو وڪيل ڪيو

جيڪو ڪم وقار يونس لکين رپيا وٺي ڪري رھيو آھي اھو ته ڪوئي مفت  ڪوچنگ ڪرڻ وارو به ڪرڻ لاءِ تيار ھوندو.

وقار يونس استعفي ڏيڻ جي آپشن کي رد ڪري ڇڏيو آھي.

اھڙي طرح ايم ڪيو ايم جي قائد الطاف حسين اعلان ڪيو آھي ته ھاڻي ڪھڙي به حالت ۾ پارٽي جي قيادت کان استعفي نه ڏيندو.

لڳي ٿو انھن به وقار يونس کان سبق سکيو آھي نه ته ھر پندرھن ڏينھن بعد استعفي ڏئي ڇڏيندو ھو.  

اھڙي طرح الطاف حسين ۽ وقار يونس ۾ ڪنھن حد تائين مشابهت آھي. ته ٻنھي پنھنجي ٽيمن کي مشڪل ۾ وڌو آھي.

الطاف حسين چئي سگھي ٿو ته ان جي ٽيم حال ۾ ئي ميچ کٽي آھي پر ڪيتريون ميچون ھارايون به آھن.

پاڪستان ڪرڪٽ ٽيم واري صورتحال آھي .

ان لاءِ الطاف حسين ۽ وقار يونس ۾ به اھڙي طرح مماثلت آھي جيئن جسٽس (ر) وجھيه ۽ ذوالفقار مرزا ۾ مماثلتون آھن