Sindh Farmers stressed to sell Wheat on lower rates

KARACHI: Farmers from Sindh are stressed to sell Wheat grains on lower rates.

Due to lackness of Ministry of Food, Government of Sindh, farmers from all over Sindh are torched to sell their wheat crop. Ministry of Food announced a rate of Rs 1300 per ton. Due to the lackness of Ministry, farmers are unable to sell the wheat to the government and are stressed to sell the wheat on the rate of Rs. 1,050.00 per ton to the local traders instead of official rates of Rs. 1300 announced by the government.

Sindh Farmers Association’s Vice-President Mr. Mehmood Nawaz told media that wheat crop is ready to be cultivated in Sindh but ministry of food is lacking its interest in it and due to which bad quality of material is being provided to the farmers and due to that, farmers are stressed to sell their wheat crop to the middlemen on lower rates.

Mehmood Nawaz said that in order to save the interest of farmers, government should apply all possible efforts and make it possible to make the selling channel from farmer to government a crystal clear. He also added that, Government should increase the quota of 9 Lac tons.

 سنڌ جا آبادگار گهٽ ريٽ تي ڪڻڪ وڪڻڻ تي مجبور

ڪراچي: خوراڪ کاتي جي عدم توجه جي سبب سنڌ جو آبادگار 1300 روپيا سرڪاري ريٽ جي بجائي 1050 روپيا في مڻ تي ڪڻڪ ٽريڊرز کي وڪڻڻ تي مجبور آهن. سنڌ آبادگار نائب صدر محمود نواز شاھ ٻڌايو ته سنڌ ۾ ڪڻڪ جو فصل تيار آهي پر خوراڪ کاتي سنڌ جي طرفان بارداڻي جي ورهاڱي جي حوالي سان خراب ڪارڪردگي جي سبب آبادگار مڊل مين کي سرڪاري ريٽ کان گهٽ ريٽ تي ڪڻڪ وڪڻڻ تي مجبور آهن.  محمود نواز شاھ چيو ته آبادگارن کي نقصان کان بچائڻ لاءِ صوبائي حڪومت ڪڻڪ جي خريداريءَ جو هدف 9 لک ٽن کان وڌائي ڇڏي ۽ بارداڻي جو ورهاڱو صاف ۽ شفاف ڪيو وڃي