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S&P has upgraded the Credit Rating of Pakistan

S&P has upgraded the Credit Rating of Pakistan

Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has increased Pakistan’s Credit Rating.

NEW YORK: An International Rating Agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has increased the credit rating of Pakistan from stability to the better rating. On other hand Moody’s has called Pakistan loans to be the excessive load on the country.

According to the International Rating Agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Pakistan has shown a continuous growth in its economic conditions. Officials of S&P told that, Pakistan is boosting its economic growth and it will reach up to the level of 4.6% during the period of 2015 – 2017.

According to S&P, Government of Pakistan has successfully increased their economic growth by reducing the petroleum products rates. Beside the increase rate in Credit Rating, S&P also explained that Pakistan has internal and external threats, due to their conditions.

On other hand another Rating Agency Moody has reported that, Pakistan has taken loans more than their needs, but still Pakistan do not have any threat do get defaulted due to these debts. Moody’s told that, Pakistan-China relationships are essential for economic growth of Pakistan.


ايس اينڊ پي پاڪستان جي ڪريڊٽ ريٽنگ آؤٽ لڪ بهتر ڪري ڇڏي

نيويارڪ: اسٽينڊرڊ اينڊ پورز جو پاڪستان جي ڪريڊٽ ريٽنگ آؤٽ لڪ مستحڪم کان وڌائي  سٺي ڪري ڇڏي آهي جڏهن ته موڊيز پاڪستان جي قرضن کي ضرورت کان وڌيڪ قرار ڏنو آهي. بين الاقوامي ريٽنگ ايجنسي ايس اينڊ پي جي مطابق پاڪستان جي معاشي حالت مسلسل بهتري جي طرف وڌي رهي آهي، ايس اينڊ پي جي مطابق سال ٻه هزار پندره کان ستره جي وچ ۾ پاڪستان جي معاشي شرح چار ڏهائي ڇھ سيڪڙو رهڻ جي توقع آهي. ايس ايند پي جي مطابق حڪومت معاشي پاليسين ۽ خام تيل جي قيمتن ۾ گهٽتائي جي سبب معاشي ترقي ۽ في ڪس آمدني ۾ اضافو ٿيو آهي. ان سان گڏو گڏ ايس اينڊ پي خبردار ڪيو آهي ته پاڪستان جي معيشت کي امن ۽ امان جي حوالي سان اندروني ۽ ٻاهريان خدشه لاحق آهن. ٻئي طرف موڊيز جو چوڻ آهي ته پاڪستان جا قرض ضرورت کان وڌيڪ آهن پر ادائيگين تي ڊيفالٽ جو ڪو خدشو نه آهي. موڊيز جي مطابق پاڪ چين معاشي معاهده معيشت جي لاءِ بهتر آهن

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