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Sukkur: A Short Introduction And Historical Background

Sukkur: A Short Introduction And Historical Background

Sukkur is Sindh`s third largest city spread over an area of about 5165 square kilometer. Sukkur is Sindh`s third largest city spread over an area of about 5165 square kilometer. According to the 2007 census the total population of Sukkur adds up to 18, 08,740 people. Sukkur is situated 220 feet above sea level. The weather is extremely hot during the summer while it becomes cold and dry during the winter. Sukkur is based upon 4 towns and a single union council. In the north, this city meets with the borders of Shikarpur and Kashmor. Ghotki is in the north-eastern side while in the south it`s border touches with that of Khairpur. Sukkur also border`s with India.

Sukkur has great historical significance as well as has some good trading significance as well. Though 96% of Sukkur`s population is based on Muslims but there are Hindus as well including other minorities too. Majority of Sukkur`s population is engaged with trading and fishing. Sukkur`s majority population are Muslims but they also include Balochis and non-Balochis as well in which Rand, Chandio, Khoso and Alghari include in the Balochi population while Samah, Dahir, Mehr, Bhutto, Bheyo, Syed, Memon, Qureishi and Hindus include in the non-Balochi community that also reside in the area. There are many industries on big as well as small scale here in Sukkur. The main industries include cotton, textile, cement, leather, tobacco, paint and varnishes, medicine and sugar are the most remarkable ones to consider. While small scale industries include hosiery, boating, fishing nets, cutlery and tile making.

Sukkur is also remarkable in its agriculture. Its dates are world famous.The Kharif crops grown here include rice, millet, silk, tomatoes and peas while the Rabi crops of wheat and watermelon are of exceptional quality. There is a wide area of forestry attached with the river in Sukkur. The forest cover in 1998 was a total of about 510 square kilometers. There is an important barrage of Pakistan located here known as the Sukkur Barrage. It was constructed over the Indus River during the British rule in the sub-continent.

The construction of the barrage was started in 1923 while it was finished in January 1932. The 5,000 feet long barrage was constructed with yellow stones and steel.  The barrage can farm about 10 million acres of land with the help of 7 large canals. By November 2004 its water storing capacity was increased even more.

The main and important places n Sukkur include Arorh, Shah Kheruddin`s shrine, Island of Bakhar, Minaret of Masoom Shah and Saad Belo. The elite educational institutes of IBA (Sukkur), Virtual University and SISTECH are highly regarded of them all.

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