Sukkur – A third largest city of Sindh

Sukkur is considered to be 3rd largest city of Sindh. Sukkur remained a beautiful and historical city from the beginning and has a very unique history.

The city’s major problem is its roads and paths. Their worst condition shows that there is no any such governance in all over the city.

A total population of Sukkur City is around 7,50,000. Sukkur is believed to be one of the major trade and industrial city of Sindh. Sukkur can provide a shelter to around 3 million people. A geographical location of Sukkur is very interesting, that it connects many small and large cities, towns and villages of Sindh. Sukkur is considered to be a center. Experts believed that Sukkur can turned into a mega tourist city, because it has many lucrative sites including, Lansedown Bridge, Masoom Shah Tower, Clock Tower and Rohri. Rohri is believed to be an adjacent city to Sukkur and is considered to be a part of Sukkur. Rohri, which is full of saint tombs, temples and many other religious and historical sites. River Indus which is considered to be largest river and the only river which connects all rivers of Pakistan. Sukkur Barrage is considered to be a largest barrage in Pakistan and it is believed that the Barrage with its current stability is not less than any miracle and is considered to be one of a wonder of the world.

Current situation of Sukkur city is completely ruined by some political forces, which has constituted their relatives, friends and closed people on top Government departments, where the role of these people is just to facilitate to each other. Government Funding which used to be released for the development of Sukkur City, always used to uplift these government officials’ personal properties and to install taller walls to their larger homes.

Sukkur has given many big names in the history of current Political leadership that includes current opposition leader Mr. Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, who witnessed to have land grabbing and enrolled his relatives within the government to double the size of their wealth. Mr. Syed Nasir Shah, who is relative to Mr. S. Khurshid Shah is another corrupt Sindh MPA, who looted funding of Sukkur City and converted his small house in a very huge Lavish Home. He also own a TV Channel and also sent his sons to foreign Countries for higher education and for tourism on poor people money. Other culprit Government Official is Senator Islam-ud-Din Sheikh, who witnessed a highest number of loans taken from government banks in Pakistan and when he thought to make it double, he enrolled his son Nauman Islam Sheikh in this race as well.

In this article I don’t want to dig anymore realities as people are well aware of them. I only request to high officials and people of Pakistan and especially to those who can make a right move that please save the historical value of the city. Give right to every local citizen to spend a happy and high standard life, for which the constitution provides them a right.

سنڌ جو ٽيون وڏو شهر سکر

سکر پاڪستان جي سنڌ صوبي ۾ هڪ خوبصورت ۽ تاريخي شهر آهي. هن شهر جو وڏي ۾ وڏو مسئلو هن جا روڊ رستا آهن، جيڪي خراب ۽ ناقص حالت ۾ گاڏين جي وڏي ٽريفڪ مسئلي جو شڪار رهندي آهي.

سکر شهر جي ڪل آبادي لڳ ڀڳ 7،50،000 آهي. سکر شهر کي واپار ۽ صنعتي دنيا ۾ هڪ وڏو مقام حاصل رهيو آهي. سکر شهر ۾ تقريبن 30 لک خاندان آباد ٿي سگھن ٿا. سکر شهر جي جياگرافيائي اهڙي طرح آهي جو هي سنڌ جي ننڍن وڏن علائقن جو وچ آهي. هن شهر ۾ سياحت جو وڏو رجحان پيدا ٿي سگھي ٿو، پر هتان جي حڪمرانن شهر جي ترقيءَ جي فنڊن کي پنهنجن مٽن مائٽن ۽ دوستن جي لاءِ وقف ڪري ڇڏيو آهي.

سکر شهر پاڪستان جي تاريخ کي وڏا سياست دان ڏنا، پر هي سياستدان هن جي سڌاري جي جاءِ تي رڳو پنهنجي گھرن جون ديوارون ڊگھيون ڪرڻ ۽ پنهنجن دوستن کي خوش ڪرڻ ۾ لڳا رهيا. انهن سياسدانن ۾ سيد خورشيد شاه جنهن پنهنجي پوري خاندان کي سياست ۾ ڌڪي ڇڏيو آهي ۽ شهر جا فنڊ رڳو پاڻ ۾ ورهائي ذاتي ملڪيتون ۽ ٻاهرين ملڪن جا دورا ڪيا پيا وڃن. خورشيد شاه سکر کي وڌيڪ کوکلو ڪرڻ لاءِ پنهنجي مائٽن کي سياست جو دروازو ڏيکاريو. انهن ۾ سيد ناصر شاه ۽ ان جا پٽ، سيد ڪميل شاه ۽ ٻيا ڪيترا ئي شامل آهن. سيد ناصر شاه ان سياست مان ئي ايترو پيسو ٺاهيو جو هن پنهنجو سنڌي چينل کوليو ته ٻئي طرف غريب عوام جي پئسي سان پنهنجن ٻارن کي برطانيه اعليٰ تعليم لاءِ موڪليو. سکر شهر جو ٻيو وڏو سياسي نالو اسلام الدين شيخ جو آهي، جن هڪ وڏي طويل ڪرپشن ڪانپوءِ پاڻ سان گڏ پنهنجي پٽ نعمان اسلام شيخ کي به ان مشن تي هڻي ڇڏيو آهي.

هاڻوڪو سکر شهر توهان کي ٻيو ڪو تاثر ڏئي يا نه، پر توهان کي هڪ شيءِ جو تاثر ضرور ملندو ته اها ملڪيت ڪنهن سياسي ڌر جي آهي. جنهن سکر شهر کي اونداهين جي طرف نه صرف ڌڪيو آهي پر انهن کي هڪ وڏي عذاب ۾ مبتلا ڪيو آهي.


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