Survey Revealed No Adequate Measurement for Health In Pakistan

Recent Survey has been conducted which show that around 25% of Pakistani People have Depression, while 27% of Pakistanis have High Blood Pressure.

ISLAMABAD: A survey was conducted by Gillani Foundation for Gallop Pakistan, in which around 52% of Pakistani people said that there no adequate measurements have been taken for Health and no such facilities are available in Pakistan to address the Health Issues. Around 33% of Pakistanis said that they consult with their Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals about their health.

25% people said that they have a Depression, while 27% of people have High Blood Pressure. Around 3% of people told that they obtain information about the health through TV or Newspapers only.


25 فيصد پاڪستانين کي ڊپريشن ۽ 27 فيصد کي هائي بلڊ پريشر آهي: سروي

اسلام آباد: گيلپ پاڪستان جي لاءِ گيلاني فائونڊيشن جي طرفان ڪيل سروي مطابق 52 فيصد پاڪستانين جي راءِ اها آهي ته پاڪستان ۾ صحت جون سهولتون سٺيون نه آهن، 33 فيصد پاڪستانين جو چوڻ آهي ته هو پنهنجي صحت جي باري ۾ ڊاڪٽر، اسپتال ۽ نرسن کا معلومات حاصل ڪندا آهن، 25 فيصد پاڪستانين کي ڊپريشن جو مرض آهي. جتي 27 فيصد ماڻهن کي هائي بلڊ پريشر جو مرض آهي. 3 فيصد ماڻهن ٻڌايو ته انهن کي صحت جي باري ۾ معلومات صرف ٽي وي ۽ اخبارن ذريعي ملندي آهي.