It is a real story of feudalism within Sindh, which is still running in the brains of almost every Sindhi People living within Sindh. We still living the life where women is just been used for the trade. In Sindh, we claim that we respect our Women and we honor them, but reality is still different.

A story of Tahira is not a new in Sindh. Sindh has many tales in which women has been killed on the name of “Karo Kari” or on the name of money grabbing from women’s relatives. While writing the story I felt very sad that in this century we are still living in the era of Feudal Ages, where women have no place to live.

Tahira is not a name of any girl, but it is a story of that Sindh in which people crush their women under their feet.

It should be noted the way that Tahira has been killed and Government, Lawmakers as well as money grabbing NGOs has kept silence on this matter. They might are silent that when such culprits will get into their homes and kill their daughters and sisters and they shout to seek for the justice.

This story is not about Tahira, but a story of those Feuds Waderas, Bhottars and some of politicians, who knows that if even they’ll do anything but no one will say anything to them.

Waqar Umrani, who is a resident of Jacobabad City has too much political influence. Lawmakers, Politicians and other Organizations have kept silence because he has filled their pockets. Waqar Umrani, who has influence in Political society and has close relations with PPP’s Sadiq Umrani, Sardar Fateh Ali Khan Umrani and Sardar Jamali.

Pakistan People’s Party, who always claimed that PPP is a party of poor people, it represents and dominates the rights of women as their leader was also a woman (Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto). Party owns such workers and leaders who take benefit through political influence and do such brutality. This is nothing new in the history of Sindh.

Waqar Umrani, got married with Tahira Sami Khoso. After marriage’s sometime, they both always had some casual fights as usual. Waqar was habitual drinker and while coming home he used to beat Tahira very badly. Tahira’s life became hell. Waqar used to torture Tahira to ask money from her father. On refusing, he used to beat her badly and use to send her to her father’s home to ask money. Tahira’s family, for the sake of her life, always gave him money. Waqar looted millions of rupees to Tahira’s family. To support his activities, Tahira’s brother-in-law (Sisiter’s Husband) supported him in all means. If Tahira would have made late to bring money, they used to beat her very badly.

Tahira became habitual to be beaten every day.

One day Tahira came back to home from her father’s hand without money because they already have given Waqar 60 lac rupees and they’d nothing to give anything more. When Waqar found her empty hand, he got mad and he locked Tahira in a Room. Tahira remained locked in a room for 3 days without eating or drinking anything.

When Waqar returned after 3 days, he started beating Tahira with all means of brutality. He broke her arms and gave sharp blade cuts on both of her arms. He broke all her ribs, arms and legs. He put cigarette fire on her body and took alcohol and spread that on her wounds.

When a maid saw the whole situation, she called Tahira’s family to come as quickly as they can. Tahira’s family considered that it might be a small fight between them as they knew the nature of Waqar, but when they reached there, they were shocked to see Tahira in such condition.

When Waqar saw Tahira’s father and brother at home, he got nervous and he made a gun shot on Tahira’s head and escaped from there along with his 3 unknown friends. Waqar who is underground these days in Balochistan.

According to postmortem report, Tahira did not die due to gun-shot, she was almost died due to the injuries, while gunshot only finished her last breaths.

Police as usual has launched the case but unable to arrest the culprits.

I would request to the whole community, to please raise up the voice to provide justice. Not only a Justice but raise the voice so there should be no other Tahira again.


طاهره سميع کوسو؛ انصاف جي منتظر

سنڌ ۾ اهو واقعو ڪو نعون نه آهي ته اسان جي نياڻين کي غيرت جي نالي تي قتل ڪيو وڃي. طاهره سميع به سنڌ جي اهڙي دور جي عڪاسي ڪري ٿو، جتي اسان پنهنجون نياڻيون قربان ڪندا رهيا سين پر انهن جو ڪو به والي وارث نه ٿي سگھيو.

هي هڪ اها دردناڪ ڪهاڻي آهي جيڪا روح کي ريجھاعڻ لاءِ ڪافي آهي، پر اها سنڌ لاءِ ڪا نعين ڳاله نه آهي جو اسان پنهنجي نياڻين جا لاش کڻندا رهون.

جنهن بي دردي سان هن معصوم کي قتل ڪيو ويو ۽ حڪومت توڙي وس آهر ماڻهن انکان منهن موڙي رکيو آهي، صرف ان انتظار ۾ ته ڪڏهن اهو واقعو اسان جي گھر ۾ ٿيندو ۽ اسان رڙيون ۽ دانهون ڪندا سي.

هيءَ ڪهاڻي وڏيرن، ڀوتارن ۽ انهن سياستدانن جي آهي، جن کي خبر آهي ته هو ڪجھ به ڪن پر هنن کي ڪير به چوڻ وارو نه آهي. وقار عمراڻي جيڪو جيڪب آباد جو رهواسي آهي ۽ گھڻو اثر رسوخ رکي ٿو. سندن سياستدان ۽ ٻيا قانون نافذ ڪرڻ وارا ادارا صرف ان لاءِ چپ آهن، جو ڪجھه پيسو انهن جي گھر به پهچي ٿو. پاڻ وقار عمراڻي جيڪو ڪجھه سياستدانن سان لاڳاپن جون ڌمڪون ڏعي ماڻهن ۾ خوف ۽ حراص پيدا ٿو ڪرڻ چاهي. پاڪستان پيپلز پارٽي جيڪا پاڻ کي عورتن جي حقوقن جي پارٽي ٿي سڏاعي، ان جي اندر اهڙا درندا جيڪي  اهڙن ماڻهن جي پٺ ڀراعي ڪندا رهن ٿا، انهن ۾ صادق عمراڻي، سردار فتح علي خان عمراڻي ۽ سردار جمالي شامل آهن.

وقار عمراڻي جي شادي طاهرا سميع سان ڪراعي وعي پر شاديءَ جي ڪجھه وقت کانپوءِ هن جي زندگي دوزخ بڻجي وعي. وقار جيڪو روز شراب جي نشي ۾ گھر ايندو ۽ پنهنجي گھر واريءَ کي شراب جي نشي ۾ بي درديءَ سان ماريندو رهيو ۽ تنگ ڪندو رهيو ته هو پنهنجي پيءُ کان پيسا گھري. جڏهن هو ان ڳالهه کا انڪار ڪندي ته هي انکي پنهنجي پيءُ جي گھر موڪلي ڇڏيندو ۽ اهڙيءَ طرح هو لاچار ٿي ڪري هنکي لکين روپيا ڏيندا رهيا. هن ڪم ۾ وقار سان گڏ ان جي ڀيڻ جو مڙس به شامل هيو. جيڪڏهن پيسا ملڻ ۾ دير ٿيندي ته هو طاهره کي بري طرح ماريندا هيا.

طاهره جنهن جي زندگيءَ ۾ پنهنجي مڙس جي مار هڪ روز جو معمول بڻجي چڪي هعي.

هڪ ڏينهن طاهره پنهنجي پيءُ جي گھران خالي هٿين واپس آعي، ڇو ته هن پهريون عي پنهنجي پيءُ کان انهن ڪي 60 لک وٺي ڏنا هيا ۽ هنن وٽ پوعتي ٻيو ڪجھه به نه بچيو هيو. ان ڳاله تي وقار کي ڏاڍو غصو آيو ۽ هن طاهرا کي هڪ ڪمري ۾ بند ڪري ڇڏيو. طاهرا بند ڪمري ۾ ٽن ڏينهن تاعين بنا کاعي پيعي بند رهي. وقار جڏهن واپس آيو ته هن طاهرا کي بري طرح مارڻ شروع ڪيو ۽ هن جون ٻعي ٻانهون ڪٽي ڇڏيعين. هن جي جسم جو هڏيون، ٻانهون ڀنڃي، پنهنجي سگريٽ سان هن کي ڏنڀ ڏيڻ شروع ڪياعين. شراب جي بوتل کڻي هن طاهرا جي زخمن تي ڇڙڪڻ شروع ڪيو. اها سڄي ڳاله وقار جي گھر ۾ ڪم ڪرڻ واريءَ طاهرا جي گھر وارن کي ٻڌاعي.

طاهرا جو پيءُ ۽ ڀاءُ ان جي گھر پهتا ۽ سمجھيو ته هي ڪو ننڍو جھڳڙو هوندو، ڇو ته هو پهريون به طاهرا سان وڙهندو رهندو هيو. جڏهن اهي وقار جي گھر پهتا ۽ انهن طاهرا جي حالت ڏٺي ته حوش وڃاعي ويٺا. جڏهن وقار هن جي گھر وارن کي ڏٺو ته هن ان جي گھر وارن جي سامهون طاهرا کي مٿي ۾ گولي هڻي ماري ڇڏيو ۽ پنهنجن ٽن دوستن سان گڏ اتان فرار ٿي ويو. وقار اڄڪله بلوچستان ۾ لڪيل آهي.

پوسٽمارٽم جي رپورٽ مطابق، طاهرا گولي لڳڻ کان پهريون عي ختم ٿي چڪي هعي ۽ گولي ته صرف ان جو ساه مڪمل ختم ڪرڻ جو ذريعو بڻي.

پوليس پنهنجي رسمي ڪارواعي مطابق ڪيس داخل ڪري ته ڇڏيو آهي پر ڪنهن کي گرفتار ڪرڻ کان قاصد آهي.

مان پنهنجن سڀني ڀاعرن سان اپيل ٿو ڪريان ته مهرباني ڪري ان جهالت جي خلاف آواز اٿاريو ته جيعن وري ٻيهر ڪا طاهره ٿيڻ کان بچي وڃي.