Tendulkar to be the Coach of Indian Cricket Team

Mumbai: Indian Cricket Board has decided to replace Duncan Fletcher. A Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar will be the new Indian Cricket Coach

According to Indian Media reports, Indian Cricket Board’s Working Committee conference was held, in which Working Committee has decided to replace the Indian Cricket Coach.

It has been reported that current Indian Cricket Coach, Duncan Fletcher will be replaced by a Legend Cricket Batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

In meeting it was said that no one know Indian Cricket Team more than Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar has been appointed as a Coach for the period of 3 years. He will be given with the Coach responsibilities after IPL Session which will be starting by April 8.

Sachin Tendulkar will replace Duncan Fletcher for Indian Cricket’s coaching responsibilities.

In International Cricket Sachin Tendulkar has a tremendous record of playing 200 test matches and 463 One Day International Matches. He has also played one T-20 Series as well.


ممبئي: ڀارتي ڪرڪيٽ بورڊ جو ليجنڊ رانديگر سچن ٽينڊولڪر کي ڊنڪن فليچر جي جڳھ تي ڪوچ ٺاهڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو آهي.

ڀارتي ميڊيا رپورٽس جي مطابق بي سي سي آئي جي ورڪنگ ڪميٽي جي اجلاس ۾ سچن ٽينڊولڪر کي ڀارت جو نئون ڪوچ ٺاهڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو آهي. اجلاس ۾ چيو ويو ته ٽينڊولڪر کان وڌيڪ ٻيو ڪو به ڀارتي ڪرڪيٽ ٽيم کي نٿو ڄاڻي. سچن ٽينڊولڪر کي 3 سال جي لاءِ ڀارتي ڪرڪيٽ ٽيم جو ڪوچ ٺاهڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو ويو آهي ۽ هو 8 اپريل کان شروع ٿيڻ واري آئي پي ايل کانپوءِ ڊنڪن فليچر جي جڳھ تي ويهي پنهنجي ڪوچ جون ذميواريون سنڀاليندو. واضح رهي ته سچن ٽينڊولڪر 200 ٽيسٽ 463 ون ڊي ميچون ۽ هڪ ٽي ٽونٽي ۾ ڀارت جي نمائندگي ڪري چڪو آهي.