Three Indian military intelligence officers in exchange for discussion

Three Indian intelligence officials to obscene talk, exchange sensitive information to which they have been arrested and are investigated. According to Indian media, the Indian Army’s military intelligence agency against 3 military officers who are investigated for allegations for  obscene and immoral conversation with a woman during the exchange of sensitive military secrets were leaked, the investigation of three officers in the Indian Army colonel, major and lieutenant positions are held.

According to preliminary investigation, the three officers on duty during the alleged presence of a foreign agent not only identified, but also told her of the locations of deployment of Indian units. The suspicious woman told officers of the Indian Army Regiments and brigades of the Army has been known to strike while the woman on the cover of the armored brigade has also provided important information. Military Intelligence and the Indian GHQ issued a warning letter to all the military officers and personnel during a discussion on social websites have been ordered to remain cautious