Top Stars who performed Female Acting on Screens

بالي ووڊ جا اھي ستارا جنھن عورتن جي روپ ۾ به اداڪاري ڪئي

Mumbai: Bollywood Stars not only make people to be their fan with their acting magic but also force them to move towards the Cinema Houses. That is the only reason, that some great Bollywood Actors has performed Female acting roles in such a way that audience has greatly appreciated their performance. These movies has been named as an identity of such actors.

ممبئي: بالي ووڊ اسٽار فلمن ۾ پنھنجي جاندار اداڪاريءَ سان پنهنجي چاهيندڙن کي نه صرف متاثر ڪندا آھن، پر انھن کي سينما گھرن جو رخ ڪرڻ تي به مجبور ڪري ڇڏيندا آھن. اها ئي وجھه آهي جو بالي ووڊ جي ڪيترن ئي اداڪارن پنهنجي ڪجھ فلمن ۾ عورتن جو ڪردار ڪجھ اهڙيءَ طرح ادا ڪيو آهي جو انهن جي چاهيندڙن به انهن جي اداڪاريءَ کي ڏاڍو پسند ڪيو آهي ۽ اهڙيون فلمون ڪيترن ئي اداڪارن جي هڪ پهچان بڻجي چڪيون آهن.

1. Shahrukh KhanShahrukh-Khan performed Female Acting on Screens

Shahrukh Khan, who is famous as “King Khan” in Bollywood Industry. Shahrukh Khan is a brightening star of Indian Movie Industry. He has been know all around the world due to his acting. Shahrukh Khan has played different kinds of roles in his different movies. Shahrukh Khan played role of a woman in his Movie “Duplicate” and “Tiri Moorti”.

شاھ رخ خان

بالي ووڊ جو ڪنگ خان جي نالي سان مشهور اداڪار شاه رخ خان فلمي صنعت جو هڪ چمڪندڙ ستارو آهي جوپنهنجي اداڪاريءَ جي ڪري پوري دنيا ۾ مشهور آهي. شاھ رخ خان پنھنجي فلمن ۾ ڪيترائي ڪردار ادا ڪيا آھن. شاھ رخ خان فلم “ڊپليڪيٽ” ۽ “تري مورتي” ۾ عورتن جا ڪردار ادا ڪيا آھن.

2. Amir KhanAamir-Khan  performed Female Acting on Screens

Bollywood Actor known as Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan is known as one of the most serious actor in Film Industry. Amir Khan takes his role in any movie with too much sensibility. Amir Khan played a woman role in Item Song of a movie “Baazi”.

Amir Khan has also played female role in different advertising campaigns.

عامر خان

بالي ووڊ جي اداڪار مسٽر پرفيڪشنيسٽ عامر خان کي انتهائي سنجيده اداڪار سڏيو ويندو آھي. عامر خان پنهنجي فلم جي چونڊ ۾ سوچي سمجھي ڪم وٺندو آھي. عامر خان پنهنجي فلم “بازي” جي ائٽم سونگ ۾ عورت جو ڪردار ادا ڪيو آھي.
جڏھن ته مختلف اشتهارن ۾ عورتن جو روپ اختيار ڪري چڪو آھي.

3. Salman KhanSalman-Khan   performed Female Acting on Screens

Bollywood Hero, known as Dabbang Khan has a unique place in film industry. Salman Khan always welcome different kind of challenges within his movies and he doesn’t feel to play any kind of role in his movies.

Salman Khan has also played a Female role in a song of his Movie “Hum Aapke Hain Kon”. Beside that movie he has played numerous female roles in his different movies.

سلمان خان

بالي ووڊ جو دبنگ سلمان خان ڀارتي فلم انڊسٽري ۾ هڪ اهم مقام رکي ٿو. پنهنجي جاندار اداڪاريءَ جي ڪري هو ڪنهن قسم جو ڪردار ادا ڪرڻ مشڪل نه ٿو سمجھي. دبنگ خان به پنهنجي هڪ فلم ”هم آپ ڪي هين ڪون“ جي گاني ۾ هڪ عورت جو ڪردار ادا ڪيو آهي، جڏهن ته انکان علاوه ٻيون به مختلف فلمون آهن جن ۾ سلمان خان عورتن جو ڪردار نڀايو آهي.

4. Govinda performed Female Acting on Screens

Govinda is known as a Comedy King in Bollywood Industry. Govinda is considered to be an identity of Comedy in Film Industry and is known as a Great Comedian of the Century in Bollywood Industry.

Govinda played female role in two of his movies, including, Aunty No. 1 and Raja Babu. Fans liked his acting in Female Roles.


بالي ووڊ جي ڪاميڊي ڪنگ گوونده جو نالو فلمي صنعت جي پھچان آھي گوونده کي دورِ حاضر جو ڪاميڊي ڪنگ چيو ويندو آھي.
گوونده پنھنجي ٻن فلمن ۾ ” آنٽي نمبر ون” ۽ “راجا بابو” ۾ عورت جو روپ ڌاريو، جنهن کي ماڻهن ڏاڍو پسند ڪيو.

5. Akshay Kumar performed Female Acting on Screens

Akshay Kumar, who is known as Risk player in the Bollywood Industry. Akshay Kumar who is famous to play different roles of Action, Comedy and Romance in his movies. One of his most famous movie “Khiladi”, in which he has played a role of female and people have given an overwhelmed response to his acting in this move.

اڪشي ڪمار

بالي ۾ اڪشي ڪمار کي خطرن جو کلاڙي سمجھيو ويندو آهي. اڪشي ڪمارپنهنجي فلمن ۾ ايڪشن، ڪاميڊي ۽ رومانوي طرز جا جوهر ڏيکاريندو رهندو آهي. اڪشي کي شھرت جي بلندين تي پھچائڻ واري فلم “کلاڙي” جنهن ۾ هن هڪ عورت جو ڪردار نڀايو آهي، جيڪو ماڻهن ڏاڍو پسند ڪيو هيو.

6. Ajay Devgan performed Female Acting on Screens

Ajay Devgan is known as Action Actor in Bollywood Industry. Ajay Devgan played a Female role in his Movie “Gol Maal Returns” along with his other colleagues.

اجي ديوگن

اجي ديوگن جيڪو بالي ووڊ فلم انڊسٽري ۾ هڪ ايڪشن هيرو جي طور تي سڃاتو ويندو آھي. اجي ديوگن پنهنجي ڪاميڊي فلم “گول مال ريٽرن” ۾ پنهنجي ساٿين سان گڏ هڪ عورت جو ڪردار ادا ڪيو آھي.

7. Akshay Khanna performed Female Acting on Screens

Akshay Khanna, who has a unique place in Bollywood Industry due to his unique way of acting. Akshay Khanna in his movie “No Problem”, played a role of a female.

اڪشي کنا

اڪشي کنا بالي ووڊ انڊسٽريءَ ۾ پنهنجي اداڪاريءَ جو هڪ منفرد مقام رکي ٿو. اڪشي کنا فلم “نوپرابلم” ۾ ساٿي اداڪار انيل ڪپور سان عورت بڻجي عشق جو ڪردار ڪري چڪو آهي.

8. Shahid Kapoor performed Female Acting on Screens

A Chocolate Hero of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor who has worked in so many Blockbuster movies of Bollywood. He played a role of female in his movie “Milenge Milenge”. Audience has marked a huge response for his acting.

شاھد ڪپور

بالي ووڊ ۾ چاڪليٽي ھيرو جي نالي سان مشهور شاھد ڪپور ڪيترن ئي بلاڪ بسٽر فلمن ۾ پنھنجي اداڪاري جا جوھر ڏيکاري چڪو آھي.
شاھد ڪپور فلم “ملين گي ملين گي” ۾ عورت جو ڪردار ادا ڪيو جنھن کي ماڻهن تمام گھڻو ساراهيو آهي.

9. Hitesh Deshmukh performed Female Acting on Screens

Hitesh Deshmukh has also a different and unique kind of place in Bollywood Industry. He has won hearts of his fans by his way of acting. His movie “Apna Sapna Money Money”, in which he has played a role of a female. People has liked his acting in his movie.

رتيش ديشمک

بالي ووڊ جو اداڪار رتيش ديشمک فلي دنيا ۾ پنهنجي اداڪاري جي ڪري هڪ انوکو مقام رکي ٿو ۽ پنهنجي فلمن ۾ پنهنجي اداڪريءَ جي ڪري پنهنجي چاهيندڙن جو دل به کٽي ورتو آهي. هن پنهنجي فلم ”اپنا سپنا مني مني“ ۾ هڪ عورت جو ڪردار هڪ ڀرپور نموني سان نڀايو، جنهن کي ڏاڍ گھڻو پسند ڪيو ويو.

10. Kamal Hassan performed Female Acting on Screens

A Bollywood famous Movie “Chachi 420”, has no need of publicity. Chahi 420 is the only movie in the history of Bollywood, in which Kamal Hassan has played a female role in a whole movie.

ڪمال حسن

بالي ووڊ جي مشھور مذاحيا فلم ”چاچي 420“ ڪنھن تعارف جي محتاج نه آھي. چاچي 420 ڀارتي فلم انڊسٽري جي اھا واحد فلم آھي جنھن ۾ ڪمال حسن پوري فلم ۾ هڪ عورت جو ڪردار ادا ڪيوآھي.