After receiving much condemnation from the media and concerned officials, the tourist ban on visiting Moen-jo-Daro hide the low-quality work

After receiving much condemnation from the media and concerned officials, the tourist ban on visiting Moen-jo-Daro hide the low-quality work and abundant corruption in current plans, now urged more new bans and had emphasized strict orders on eating, drinking things as well as riding motorbikes on such historical and archaeological places.Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi, the Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister of Culture and Tourism visited Moen-jo-Daro on Monday and welcomed journalist at the site and prohibited that officials ignorance and tourists visit have the destroyed the whole place, so that she rigorously ordered the concerned authorities to execute her strategies to rescue the world’s treasure and take some strict actions and ban all the tourists for a longer span of time, if the orders will not be followed and implemented, then those authorities will be dealt rigorously for violating the rules. She added more that due to monsoon rains, the ban was applied on visitors for 2 weeks to save the heritage from more damage.

Provincial Minister instructed that on the orders of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, drilling dry core work was disclosed to be initiated at Moen-jo-Daro to sustain its actual beauty; the implementation of work will be start after 2 months due to paddy crops in the nearby areas. Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari,

 Previously, Provincial Minister Sharmila Farooqi following by Dr. Niaz Abbasi, the Secretary of Tourism and Culture went to Sir Shahnawaz Memorial Library Larkana and analyzed the current development planning.

She claimed that her department has eliminated the profession on Land of Lakhen jo Daro at Sukkur from mafias, for advancing the tradition; her department is laying the foundation of Ajrak Clubs in many cities of Sindh, excluding the museum’s work.

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Sharmila Farooqi launched the Shah Latif Art Gallery and Museum at Pakistan Art Councils Larkana with worth of 53 million on the occasion.

The special assistant on culture and tourism responded to the questions related to corruption and said that 4 areas have been cancelled and case related to 2 more plots have been appealed in High Court and we are also planning to build a boundary wall to save the Lakhiyan jo Daro and rescue it from the man’s violence and profession.

Sharmila Farooqi emphasized that these traditional and cultural heritages are the real assets of Pakistan and will be recognized as national identity be our future generations.

The Chief Minister of Sindh has briefly compelled that we want Sindh to be completely rid from evil acts ad criminals, however even they are the member of any party. She also declared that the anti-corruption department is enthusiast to eliminate the corruption completely from the Sindh.

Secretary Niaz Abbasi and others were also there to accompany Sharmila Farqooi on this occasion.

Initially, she also examined the construction work implementing on Ajrak club/Museum at Ganga area and ordered the concerned authorities to finish the plan of “Ajrak Club” soon within the deadline in order to establish the social workers, writers and civil society members to utilize the due opportunities of cultural, Adabi, social welfare, Fanoon-e-Latif schedules there.Mr. Samo, DHS Larkana Secretary General Professor

On the small visit, the minister also arranged meeting at Qadri Bux Bedil Public Library with social workers, artists, writers in which the instruct them that the Sindh Government is keenly eager to launch Ajrak Club at various areas of Sindh.

Meantime, District Historical Society has ordered and demanded to Archaeological officials and Sindh Government to protect the Moen-jo-Daro and save other valuable articles and ancient materials.

Mr. Samo, DHS Larkana Secretary General Professor has claimed of Technical ConsultativeCommunity to provide funds for Moen-jo-Daro to instantly recuperate property and protect the historical sites. The TTC meeting is arranged on Monday to argue about ancient sites issues and their progress, he said.Mr. Samo, DHS Larkana Secretary General Professor

He also said to Sharmila Farooqi and other concerned officials to recover the theft of precious articles and real books by Marshal.

The tourists and researches are having an eye on these articles and books so the Sindh Government must immediately recover all these treasure, according to DHS Secretary General.

Mr. Samo vigorously said that they will not bear any kind of compromise on such irresponsible attitudes of Officials regarding to Moenjodaro. Furthermore, he emphasized on taking significant steps to secure the national heritage and recover its damages.

Maximum 15,000 millions funds each year and many more funds including National funds for Mohenjodaro are allocated but such huge funds are still not fully used by Government, said DHS.

Some sources revealed that the funds of world heritage for ancient sites and monuments by Sindh was the responsibility of ADP project, Development of World Heritage site and Preservation Promotion with Rs. 10 million was analyzed every year but no work was implemented. Still the website of Cultural Department Sindh shows all the funds to be effectively used per year.

Well there is no responsibility of funds and officials cruelly theft the money, although during the earlier month’s rain has intensively ruined all the sections of Moen-jo-Daro and the visitors also demolished this ancient site.