Turkey’s Halal Cruise with no Gambling and Spas

A Local Turkish Company decided to launch a Cruise with special care. The cruise has been designed in order to facilitate and provide relaxing travel to those who tend Islamic Religion.

The Cruise has been developed according to the needs of Islamic Religions. Company claim that the Cruise is 100% Halal. As per Turkey’s Official News Agency Anadolu, the Cruise will start its journey during a month of September. Cruise has been furnished with separate facilities for male and females. During the travel on Cruise across the Aegean Sea, no alcoholic drinks and gambling will be available. Cruise will be offering no pork-related foods.

Special care has been taken to the consideration while making improvements and beauty of the Cruise as per Islamic rules. Company’s Project Manager told that, they’ve not placed any paintings in the ship, because in Islam there are some values against the Islam in it.

Further, travelers with stay of more than 4 nights on Cruise will be offered to visit the historical sights of Rhodes and Crete. Company’s General Manager said that this is not only a Cruise, where pork-related foods, Casinos and spas are not available but the visit will be purely traditional and historical trip. He said that the Cruise will be very good spot to enhance Social relations with each other.

In Turkey the industry of ‘Halal Tourism’ is increasing rapidly, whereas Hotels and Holiday Planners are providing special packages during Muslim Calendar Holidays, such as separate swimming pools and beaches for women.

ترڪي جو سؤ فيصد حلال بحري جھاز

ترڪيءَ ۾ ھڪ ڪمپنيءَ اسلامي مذھب جو رجحان رکڻ وارن ماڻھن جي لاءِ سؤ فيصد حلال بحري جھاز متعارف ڪرايو آھي. ترڪيءَ جي سرڪاري خبرن واري اداري انادولا جو چوڻ آھي ته بحري جھاز جي سفر جو آغاز سيپٽمبر جي آخر ۾ ٿيندو. جھاز ۾ مردن ۽ عورتن جي لاءِ الڳ الڳ سھولتون رکيون ويون آھن. جھاز تي بحيره ايجن جي سفر جي دوران شراب نه ملندي ۽ نه جُوا کيڏي سگھجندي. جھاز تي سوئر جي گوشت مان ٺھيل شيون به دستياب نه ھونديون. جھاز جي تزئين ۽ آرائش ۾ اسلامي قاعدن جو خيال رکيو ويو آھي. ڪمپنيءَ جي پراجيڪٽ مينيجر ٻڌايو ته جھاز ۾ پينٽنگز به نه لڳايون ويون آھن، ڇو ته اھي اسلام جي اقدار جي مخالف آھن. شروعات ۾ جھاز تي چار راتيون قيام سان گڏ مسافرن کي رويڊس جي سياحتي مقام تي سير جي پيشڪش به ڪئي وئي آھي. ڪمپنيءَ جي جرنل مينيجر چيو آھي ته ھي صرف ھڪ جھاز نه آھي جتي شراب، جُوا ۽ سوئر جي گوشت واريون شيون نه آھن پر ھي ھڪ ثقافتي ۽ تاريخي سفر ھوندو جنھن ۾ سماجي رابطا ٺاھڻ جي لاءِ فضا سازگار ھوندي. ترڪيءَ ۾ ”حلال سياحت“ جي صنعت تيزيءَ سان واڌ وٺي رھي آھي ۽ ھوٽلن ۾ مسلمانن جون موڪلون منائڻ جي لاءِ خصوصي پيڪج متعارف ڪرايا پيا وڃن. جيئن عورتن جو سوئمنگ پول يا ساحل.