Umar and Jamshed Out from Bangladesh tour Squad

Umar Akmal and Nasir Jamshed not included in the squad for Bangladesh Series

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board has decided not to include Umar Akmal and Nasir Jamshed for Bangladesh Series. The decision was taken due to the ruthless performance in the World Cup.

Both players were not succeeded in their performance in the World Cup. Umar Akmal has been kicked out of the team due to his ruthless performance and arrogant attitude while World Cup. Pakistan Cricket Board’s new Selection committee which is present in Lahore currently where they had an important meeting. A day before important decisions had been made within the meeting and it was decided that those players who has bad attitude as well as not performing well, should be kept out of the team.

Nasir Jamshed played 3 matches in the World Cup but didn’t perform in any of them. His fielding was also worse. Also, Umar Akmal’s performance was ruthless, while it was noticed by the Board for his fights with Fielding Coach Grant Loden. After all these things, it has been decided not to include both of them for Bangladesh Tour.

Mohammad Irfan will not be a part of the squad due to his fitness issues.


عمر اڪمل ۽ ناصر جمشيد جي بنگلاديش دوري لاءِ قومي ٽيم مان ٻاهر

لاهور: ورلڊ ڪپ ۾ خراب ڪارڪردگي ڏيکارڻ سبب عمر اڪمل ۽ ناصر جمشيد جي بنگلاديش دوري لاءِ قومي ٽيم مان ٻاهر رکڻ جو فيصلو ڪيو ويو آهي. ورلڊ ڪپ ٻنهي ڪرڪيٽرن جي لاءِ ناڪام ثابت ٿيو هيو. عمر اڪمل جي خراب ڪارڪردگي سان گڏ خراب روئيي جي سبب ٻاهر رکيو ويو آهي. پي سي بي جي نئين سليڪشن ڪميٽي انهن ڏينهن ۾ لاهور ۾ موجود آهي جتي اڄ اتي ٻيو اجلاس ٿيندو. هڪ ڏينهن اڳ اجلاس ۾ ڪجھ اهم فيصلا ڪيا ويا هيا جنهن ۾ اهو به شامل آهي ته خراب روئيي ۽ خراب فارم وارن رانديگرن سان ڪا به رعايت نه ڪئي وڃي. ورلڊ ڪپ ۾ ناصر جمشيد ٽي ميچون کيڏيون ۽ ڪنهن به ميچ ۾ هلي نه سگهيو جڏهن ته ان جي فيلڊنگ به انتهائي خراب رهي. عمر اڪمل جي ڪارڪردگي به خراب رهي ان سان گڏ ان جي فيلڊنگ ڪوچ گرانٽ لوڊن سان جهڳڙن جون خبرون به سامهون آيون جنهن کان پوءِ فيصلو ڪيو ويو ته ان کي به بنگلاديش نه موڪليو وڃي. محمد عرفان فٽنيس جي سبب ٽيم جو حصو نه بڻجي سگهندو.