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US Dollar about to change the Heroic Picture

US Dollar about to change the Heroic Picture

WASHINGTON: American Government has decided to place a picture of a female heroic personality on a note of $10. They rejected the plea of having an image of only Male Heroic Personalities on their currency notes.

According to sources, American Finance Ministry announced that currently $10 note has an image of first Finance Minister Mr. Alexander Hamilton of United States. Government has decided that they’ll remove the picture of Alexander Hamilton and will place an image of any US Female, who has played a vital role for the United States.

According to the Ministry of Finance, a decision is still not been confirmed and is still in pending. The change in the currency image is going to happen after 100 years.


ڊالر ۾ وڏي تبديلي اچي وئي 

واشگٽن : آمريڪي حڪومت ڏَھَ ڊالر جي نوٽ تي عورت جو فوٽو ھڻڻ جو فيصلو ڪندي ان خيال کي رَدِ ڪري ڇڏيو آھي ته آمريڪي ڊالرن تي صرف سفيد فام قومي مرد ھيروزجي تصوير ئي نمايان ڪئي ويندي آھي. ذريعن جي مطابق آمريڪي محڪمه ءِ خزانا پنھنجي ھڪ اعلان ۾ ٻڌايو آھي ته ھن وقت ڏَھَ ڊالر جي نوٽ تي آمريڪا جي پھرين وزير خزانا اليگزينڊر ھملٽن جي تصوير موجود آھي جنھن کي ھٽائي جمھوريت جي لاءِ خدمتون سر انجام ڏيڻ واري ڪنھن آمريڪي عورت جي تصويرلڳائي ويندي. محڪمهءِ خزانا جي مطابق تصوير جي لاءِ عورت شخصيت جو انتخاب اڃان حتمي نه ٿيو آھي. ياد رھي ته آمريڪا ۾ اِھو سؤ سالن کان پوءِ ٿي رھيو آھي.

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