US Secretary hopes of a peaceful relationship of Pakistan with neighbouring countries: Suzan Rice

Islamabad (DNA) prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that to have relationship with Ameica is useful for this part and the rest of the world while for national betterment Susan Rice said that for terrorism control Pakistan’s efforts and  sacrifices are valuable. American’s secretary for national government met with Nawaz Sharif for half and hour at the  prime minister’s house.  In the meeting there was American ambassador in Pakistan Richard Dawlson and other ministers from Pakistan like secretary interior Sartaj Azez, special secretary for interior Tariq Fatmi and minister of finance Ishaq Dar including defense and foreign secretaries were also present.  After the meeting published press said that Pakistan – America future relationships and the  region’s situation was discussed, awaiting tour to America in October will add to better relationships, prime minister Nawaz Shareef said that economic, defense and terrorist control  are addressed by America as our supporter. Pakistan and America relationships are useful for the  world and region. While American secretary for national betterment Susan Rice has to say that defense, economic and energy sectors are being catered together with the  support of Pakistan and America in the right direction, America sees the efforts and sacrifices made by Pakistan as the sign of value and respect. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s thought of a peaceful relationship with neighbor country is valued.