Village where people are burnt Alive

There is a village in the world, where people are burnt alive. India is a country, where people used to be burnt alive. If someone comes to know the reason, they must be amazed, that still the world is full of such people.

We all are familiar with strange kind of traditions and cultures of India, but there is a state in India called “Jharkhand”, where in order to get rid of diseases and to obtain happiness, people use to believe on a tradition to burn people. It seems to be too much strange and scary, but yet local people believe on this phenomena. They believe that once they’ve been hanged over the fire, they will be free from many kind of diseases and village will brought happiness in their lives.

The state of Jharkhand has many such kind of villages who believes on such tradition and every year several villages within Jharkhand held festivals. These festivals goes for around 11 days. This festival’s special event is that, when people used to be burnt alive by hanging them over the fire. People between ages of 10 years to 65 years participates in this festival, with a huge amount. During the event people are roped around their feet with a wooden base and they use to be brought near to the flames of fire slowly and gradually. During this whole Process a Hindu Pandit (Religious Saint), calls some religious verses called “Mantar” and he puts oil to the fire, so that flames of fire should get worse.

According to the Magazine “Main Online”, a 16 year old Arun Naik told them that the tradition not only used to swing around the fire, but it is all about to clean a person from different kinds of diseases and other pains but also brings up happiness in one’s life.

Local people believe that this tradition is a symbol to prevent from any kind of natural disasters like, earthquakes, droughts and viral diseases. Attendants of this festival believes that god Shiv and god Parvati will protect them from any kind of harm and they also protect them while being hanged over the fire.

In local languages they use to call this holy festival “Chitya Munda Pooja”. People from all around the India use to come to participate in this festival every year.

Local people believe that this festival is an ongoing throughout the years. In past people use to be hanged through a special kind of hook which used to be fitted within the part of the body of a person but now they use a special kind of wooden base. They use to rope the people’s feet with the base of that wooden base and hang them over the fire.



اهڙو ڳوٺ جتي انسانن کي زنده باه ۾ ساڙيو ويندو آهي

ڀارت جو اھڙو ڳوٺ  جتي انسانن کي زنده باھ ۾ ساڙيو ويندو آھي ، وجھ ٻڌي شايد توھان کي به غصو ايندو.

دنيا ۾ ٿيندڙ عجيب و غريب رسمن جي باري ۾ ته توھان ٻڌندا ئي رهندا هوندا پر ڀارتي رياست جھاڙ کنڊ ۾ بيمارين کان بچاءُ ۽ خوش قسمتيءَ کي حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ ماڻھن کي باھ جي شعلن تي ساڙڻ جي رسم واقعي حيرت انگيز۽ نا قابل يقين آھي.

ان رياست جي آمهون سامهون جي ڳوٺن ۾  ھر سال يارھن ڏينھن جو ميلو لڳايو ويندو آھي، جنھن ۾ سڀني کان خاص تقريب اها آهي ته هن تقريب دوران انسانن کي زنده باھ جي مٿان لٽڪايو ويندو آھي. ان تقريب ۾ ڏھن کان پنجھٺ ورھين جا ماڻھو شرڪت ڪري سگھن ٿا. ان تقريب دوران ماڻهن جي پيرن کي ھڪ ڪاٺي سان ٻڌو ويندو آھي ۽ آھستي آھستي  باھ جي شعلن جي ويجھو آندو ويندو آھي.

ان دوران ھڪ ھندو پنڊت منتر پڙھندو باھ ۾ تيل وجھندو ويندو آھي ته جينئن شعلا وڌيڪ ڀڙڪڻ لڳي.

مين آن لائن مئگزين جي مطابق تقريب ۾ شامل سورھن ساله ارون نائيڪ ٻڌايو ته ھي رسم نه صرف باھ تي جھولڻ واري ماڻھوءَ کي ھر بيماري ۽ تڪليفن  کان پاڪ ڪري ٿي ڇڏي پر ڳوٺ جي خوش قسمتي ۽ خوشحالي جو سبب به بڻجي ٿي.

رياست جھاڙ کنڊ جا ڳوٺاڻا ان کي قدرتي آفتن مثلاۡ زلزلو، خشڪ سالي ۽ وبائي بيمارين کان نجات جو ذريعو سمجھن ٿا.

رسم ۾ شرڪت ڪرڻ وارن جو عقيدو آھي ته ديوتا شيو ۽ ديوي پاروتي انھن جي حفاظت ڪن ٿا ۽ انھن کي باھ جي شعلن کان نقصان نه ٿو پھچي.

ان رسم کي مقامي زبان ۾ چتيا منڊا پوجا چيو ويندو آھي. ان جي شموليت جي لاءِ اوڀر۽ ڏکڻ ڀارت جا پري پري کان ماڻھو ايندا آھن.

مقامي ماڻھن جومڃڻ آھي ته ھي رسم ھزارين سالن کان جاري آھي ۽ ماضيءَ ۾ ماڻهن جي جسم ۾ هڪ ڪنڊو هڻي انهن کي باه جي مٿان لٽڪايو ويندو هيو پر هاڻي ان مقصد لاءِ ڪاٺيءَ جو ستون استعمال ڪيو ويندو آهي. ان ستون سان ماڻهن کي ٻڌي باه جي سامهون ڪيو ويندو آهي.