Wadera System in Sindh crumbled a life of Deprived Family

GHOTKI: It seems like that integrity within the people of Sindh has getting lost. A Ravine was held at Ghotki, in which it was decided that the poor laborer will give his two girls as a Punishment. This so called system is known as Vani.

It is so sad that Sindh is still living in the century where poor people has no place of Justice and all rights and justice definitions are been made for its Waderas. These people should feel shy that one day they’ve to face a God of all kingdoms. These rich culprits do such things very easily as they’ve been influenced by all means in politics, judicial establishments and other legal institutions.

Many of people have shut their eyes, some of them are supporting, some of them are still in wait, that keep silence until it comes on them and some of them are only talking about it, like we are doing.

A Jirga was held and a deprived laborer was fined for Rupees 5 Lac and to provide two of his girls under their own illegal law called “Vani”, which means, a man has to provide his daughters as a punishment under forcible punishment. A poor guy agreed to give an amount of punishment and he provided that by selling his cattle but refused to provide his daughters. On that, it was decided to refuge them from the village until he is not providing his daughters.

Poor people has been tortured to leave the village and living these days at a deserted area. As per the Wadera of the village, it has been decided that until he is not providing the girls, he cannot return back to the village.

It should be highlighted that the punishment was given to the poor labor as he has charges to injure the sister of rich feud, whereas the age of daughters of poor Laborer is been reported around 10-12 years.


گھوٽڪي؛ سنڌ جو ضمير مري ويو، جرڳي جي فيصلي ۾ ٻه ڇوڪريون ڏنڍ ۾ ڏيڻ جو فيصلو

گھوٽڪي؛ اها ڏاڍي افصوص جي ڳالهه آهي ته سنڌه مان اڃان تاعين بي غيرت ۽ بي حيا وڏيرا بنا ڪنهن خوف جي هن دور ۾ به غلط ڪمن کان نه ٿا مڙن.

اعين ٿو لڳي ته سنڌ جو ضمير مري ويو آهي، يا ته وري وڏيرن جي اوطاقن تي پيو آهي. گھوٽڪيءَ ۾ هڪ جرڳي دوران مجرم جي مٿان پنج لک جو ڏنڍ وڌو ويو ۽ فيصلو ڪيو ويو ته هو پنهنجي ٻن ڇوڪرين کي ڏنڍ ۾ ڌيندو.

تفصيلات موجب، مزدور تي وڏيري جي ڀيڻ کي زخمي ڪرڻ جو الزام هيو. مزدور جي پيءُ پنهنجو مال وڪڻي جرمانو ته ادا ڪري ڇڏيو پر پنهنجيون نياڻيون ڏيڻ کان انڪار ڪري ڇڏيو، جنهن تي بي غيرت وڏيرو سرگرم ٿي ويو ۽ ان مزدور جي خاندان کي ڳوٺ مان نڪري وڃڻ جو حڪم ڏعي ڇڏيو.

مزدور جو چوڻ هيو ته مان وڏيري کان پنهنجي نياڻين کي بچاعڻ لاءِ هڪ ريگستاني علاعقي ۾ پناه وڍڻ تي مجبور آهيان ۽ وڏيري جو چوڻ آهي ته جيسيتاعين ڇوڪريون نه ڏيندس، ان محل تاعين مان ڳوٺ ۾ نه ٿو اچي سگھان.

انهن ڇوڪرين جي عمر لڳ ڀڳ ڏهه کان ٻارهن سال ٻڌاعي وعي آهي.