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Wash Clothes while Exercising on Bi-Cycle

A Bi-Cycle which can wash clothes along with Exercise

A Bicycle has been invented, which not only gives you benefit of exercise but also it will give you benefit to wash the clothes.

LONDON: If you would be told that you can wash your clothes while cycling on your bicycle, than you must be surprised and amazed for sure. Chinese designers has made it reality and developed a bicycle. By cycling on this bicycle, one not only can exercise but also can wash the clothes.

A Bicycle has a Drum like basket in front of the bicycle, which washes the clothes just like traditional washing machines. Another unique point of this cycle is, while one is doing exercise on the cycle, there is a built-in generator with the bicycle. That generator basically generates electricity. This electricity can be stored to use later on as well. One can add water and washing powder in the container.

According to the manufacturers, they have developed this bicycle for those users, who have a need of washing clothes as well as a need of jogging. But due to the limited space within their home, they are unable to place the treadmill or jogging machine within their homes.

Experts says that by using this bicycle, it not only benefit to our health but we’ll be saving lot of electricity consumption as well, while we’ll wash our clothes during the exercise.


اهڙي سائيڪل جيڪا ورزش سان گڏ توهان جا ڪپڙا به ڌوئيندي

لنڊن: جيڪڏهن توهان کي چيو وڃي ته سائيڪل هلائيندي ڪپڙا ڌوپجي سگهجن ٿا ته توهان يقينن حيران ۽ حيرت ۾ پئجي ويندؤ پر چيني ڊيزائينر هن ڳالھ کي سچ ڪري ڏيکاريو آهي ۽ هڪ اهڙي سائيڪل تيار ڪئي آهي جنهن کي هلائيندي ڪپڙا به ڌوئي سگهجن ٿا. چيني ماهرين جي طرفان تيار ڪيل هن جديد سائيڪل سان توهان ورزش ڪندي ڪپڙا ڌوئي سگهون ٿا هن جي آڏو هڪ لڳل ڊرم گهمندو آهي ۽ روايتي واشر جي طرح ڪپڙا ڌوئيندو آهي. مشين جو هڪ ٻيو دلچسپ ڪم هي به آهي ته ورزش جي دوران هن ۾ لڳل جنريٽر بجلي ٺاهيندو آهي جنهن کي بعد ۾ استعمال جي لاءِ اسٽور به ڪيو وڃي سگهجي ٿو. هن سائيڪل ۾ ضرورت جي حساب سان واشنگ پاؤڊر ۽ پاڻي شامل ڪرڻو پوندو آهي. جڏهن ته هيءَ ايجاد انهن گهرن جي لاءِ آهي جٿي واشنگ ۽ جاگنگ مشين جي ضرورت هوندي آهي پر مناسب جڳھ نه هوندي آهي. ماهرين جو چوڻ آهي ته هن قسم جي ورزشي سائيڪل مشين سان نه صرف توهان جي صحت سٺي رهندي پر ان سان بجلي جي بل  ۾ به ٿوري گهٽتائي ٿي سگهي ٿي.    

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