Sindhi Dunya – سنڌي دنيا




Sindh is a province of Pakistan. In Pakistan only Sindh is a province in which people of different languages are living in a very huge quantity. They are Sindhi, Balochi, Urdu, Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Kashmiri, Bengali and many others. Sindh is famous all over the world due it its hostess. The people of Sindh speaks Sindhi language, which is older than all the languages of Pakistan. Sindhi language is from the times of Moen-Jo-Daro Civilization which is more than 5000 years old. Sindhi language is the only language that have particular alphabets in local languages. Many of local languages adopted Sindhi alphabets in formation of their languages. Sindhi is the only language which is been studied in the Institutions of whole Sindh. Sindh is the only language in which the National Identification Card of Pakistan is being issued after national language of Pakistan. In ancient times this Sindh was starting from Mumbai, India to Multan(Punjab Province) & to Iran. But due to partitions Sindh became limited.

Romance of Thar – ٿر

Thar-Desert-sindhidunya Thar-Desert-Sindhi-Dunya

Fertility of Mehran – مهراڻ

Mehran-River-Sindhi-Dunya Mehran-River-Sindhi-Dunya-1

Forts of Kot Diji and Rani Kot –  ڪوٽڏيجي ۽ رني ڪوٽ


RaniKot-Sindhi-Dunya-1024x681 RaniKot-Sindhi-Dunya-1

Depth of Keenjhar & Manchar – ڪينجھر ۽ منڇهر

Keenjhar-Sindhi-Dunya-1024x768 Keenjhar Dhandh3Manchar Lake Manchar-Lake-Sindhi-Dunya-1024x768

Height of Kheerthar – کيرٿر

Kheerthar-Sindhi-Dunya Kheerthar-Sindhi-Dunya-1

Oil of Laar – لاڙ جو تيل


Gas of Qadirpur –  قادرپور جي گيس


Coal of Karoonjar – ڪارونجھر جو ڪوعلو


Dignity of Sehwan & BhittShah – سيوهڻ ۽ ڀٽ شاه


Sehwan Sindhi Dunya
Sehwan Shrine
Bhitt Shah Shrine

History of Mohen-Jo-Daro – موهن جو دڙو

Moen Jo Daro Sindhi Dunya
Moen Jo Daro, Larkana

Sand of Sahra-e-Thar – ٿر

Thar Desert
Thar Desert

Poetry of Shah, Sachal, Saami & Ayaz – شاه ، سچل، سامي ۽ اياز جو سر

Shah Latif Sindhi Dunya
Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s Poetry
Sachal Sindhi Dunya
Sachal Sarmast Poetry
Shaikh Ayaz Sindhi Dunya
Shaikh Ayaz’s Poetry

Long Shores of River Indus – سنڌو درياه

River Indus Sindhi Dunya 1
View of River Indus with Bridge
River Indus Sindhi Dunya
View of River Indus

Sweet Dates of Khairpur – خيرپور جي قتل

Khairpur Dates Sindhi Dunya
Dates Field in Khairpur, Sindh

Achaar of Shikarpur – شڪارپور جي کٽاڻ

Shikarpuri Achar Sindhi Dunya
Pickles (Achar) of Shikarpur, Sindh

Ajrak of Tando Masti Khan – ٽنڊو مستي خان جو اجرڪ

Ajrak Sindhi Dunya
Ajrak Industry in Tando Masti Khan

Sindhi Topi of Jacobabad – جيڪب آباد جي سنڌي ٽوپي

Sindhi Topi Sindhi Dunya
Sindhi Topi

Tiles of Halla – حالا جي ٽاعل

Sindhi Tiles Sindhi Dunya
Sindhi Cultural Tiles

Fish of Thatta – ٺٽي جي مڇي

Thatta Fish Sindhi Dunya
Fresh River Fish

Mehndi of Mayhar – ميهڙ جي مهندي

Mehndi Mehar Sindhi Dunya
Mehndi Cons

Winds of Jamshoro – ڄامشوري جون هواعون


Jamshoro Sindhi Dunya
Jamshoro Sindh

Mangoes of Mirpur Khas – ميرپور خاص جا انب


Bangles of Hyderabad – حيدرآباد جون چوڙيون


Hyderabad Bangles
Bangles of Hyderabad

Kheer-Pera of  Ghotki & Nasrpur – گھوٽڪي ۽ نصرپور جا کير پيڙ


Chunri of Badin – بدين جي چنري


Sindhi Chunri Sindhi Dunya
Chunri of Sindh

Ice Cream of Matiari – مٽياريءَ جي آعسڪريم


International City of Karachi – ڪراچي جو شهر


Martyrs of Larkana – لاڙڪاڻي جا شهيد


We Proud to be a “Sindhi”

فخر آهي ته اسان سنڌي آهيون