WhatsApp users can be penalized for Obscene Language

ABU DHABI: If you are residing within United Arab Emirates (UAE), than you should be careful of using WhatsApp. Now a person may be penalized or also can be jailed for using Obscene Language over WhatsApp.

According to the Arab News Website, a Supreme Court of UAE is considering a law against those who are using Obscene or abusive words through their messages on WhatsApp. The decision has been made due to the increasing complaints received by people living within UAE about the inappropriate usage of Internet Technology. The number of complaints increased tremendously, on which the court has to take such decisions. According to the law, if someone found sending such obscene messages than they can be penalized for around 2.5 Lac Dirhams (Pakistani 7 Million) and they may also be jailed as well. If a crime holder is a foreigner, then they’ll be asked to leave country after completing their imprisonment.

On other hand, local police of United Arab Emirates and Law Department has also warned to those who sends the pictures of a middle finger of a hand and said that whoever will send such image, will be penalized for 0.5 Million Dirhams (Pakistani 13.7 Million Rupees). It also will lead to the imprisonment as well.


واٽس ايپ تي نازيب زبان تي جرمانو ۽ جيل به ٿي سگھي ٿي

ابوظھبي: جيڪڏھن توھان متحده عرب عمارات  ۾ رھائش پذير آھيو ته ھوشيار ٿي وڃو ڇو ته واٽس ايپ تي ڪنھن به بد ڪلاميءَ ۽ غير اخلاقي پيغام موڪلڻ تي نه صرف توھان کي جرمانو پر جيل به ٿي سگھي ٿي. عرب ويب سائيٽ جي مطابق متحده عمارات عرب جي سپريم وفاقي عدالت مواصلاتي ٽيڪنالاجي جي غلط استعمال جي شڪايت ۽ ان جي بنياد تي عدالت ۾ مقدمن جي تعداد ۾ اضافي جي سبب اھڙي مسوده قانون تي غور ڪري رھي آھي جنھن جي تحت انٽرنيٽ ۽ سوشل ميڊيا تي ٻئي ماڻھوءَ کي گار ۽ غير اخلاقي پيغام ڏيڻ تي اڍائي لک درھم (ستر لک رپيا ) جرمانو ۽ قيد جي سزا ٿي سگھي ٿي ۽ جيڪڏھن ڏوھ ڪندڙ غير ملڪي ھوندو ته جرماني جي ادائگي ۽ سزا پوري ٿيڻ کان پوءِ ان کي ملڪ بدر به ڪيو ويندو. ٻئي طرف متحده عرب امارات جي پوليس ۽ محڪمه قانون گذريل مھيني خبردار ڪري چڪي آھي ته واٽس اپ تي ھٿ جي سڀ کان وڏي آڱر جھڙا اشارا موڪلڻ واري کي پنج لک درھم يعني ھِڪ ڪروڙ سَتَٽِيھَ لَکَ جرمانو ۽ قيد جي سزا ٿي سگھي ٿي.