Which Sugar should be used? Natural or Artificial?

LONDON: A debate is on way from a long time, that whether an artificial sugar is good for the health or natural sugar is good for the health?

A recent research has responded to the question briefly. In a research it has been revealed that Artificial Sugar is much safe for humans than natural sweetness. From many past years, people have greatly criticized on the usage of artificial sugar. We always have heard, that artificial sugar contains dangerous chemicals in it. There is very less amount of such people, those who know that in this world everything is a chemical, and even natural things can be of same harm or benefit as artificial are. An oldest product in artificial sweetener is Saccharin. It was first made in 1980, on which people criticized on its used greatly. Saccharin was too much criticized that Governments made it mandatory to write on such products that the products contains Saccharin and this can be harmful for your health. At that time it was believed that Saccharin may lead to Cancer, but afterwards many research works were carried, which revealed that that Saccharin is much safe and healthy than natural sweeteners.

From all those reports, only one report showed that taking too much Saccharin may lead to the cancer. Even in that particular report, a use of Saccharin was proved to be safe. Scientists believe that other artificial sweeteners are much safe and healthy than sugar.Which Sugar should be used? Natural or Artificial?

انساني صحت جي لاءِ قدرتي کنڊ جو استعمال بھتر آھي يا مصنوعي؟

لنڊن: ھڪ عرصي کان اھا بحث ھلي رھي آھي ته انساني جسم جي لاءِ کنڊ بھتر آھي يا قدرتي مٺاڻ؟ ھڪ نئين تحقيق ان سوال جو جواب ڏنو آھي  تحقيقي رپورٽ ۾ ٻڌايو ويو آھي ته انساني صحت جي لاءِ مصنوعي مٺاڻ کنڊ جي نسبت وڌيڪ محفوظ ۽ مفيد آھي . گذريل ڪيترن ئي سالن کان مصنوعي مٺاڻ کي تنقيد جو نشانو بڻايو پيو وڃي ۽ اھو چيو ويندو آھي ته ان ۾ نقصانده ٻه ڪيميڪلز ھوندا آھن پر ماڻھو اھو نه ٿا ڄاڻن ته ھر شيءِ ڪيميڪل ھوندي آھي ۽ مصنوعي مٺاڻ واريون شيون به  سڀ نقصانده نه ھونديون آھن. مصنوعي مٺاڻ ۾ پراڻو پراڊڪٽ سڪرین آھي، ھي 1980 ۾ ٺاھي وئي تڏھن ماڻھن ان تي تمام اعتراض ڪيو. ايسيتائين جو حڪومت ان مان ٺھندڙ شين جي ھيٺان اھو لکڻ لازمي قرار ڏئي ڇڏيو ته ھن پراڊڪٽ ۾ سيڪرين شامل آھي ۽ ھي توھان جي صحت جي لاءِ نقصانده ٿي سگھي ٿو،ان مان ڪينسر به لاحق ٿي سگھي ٿو.پر پوءِ ڪيترين ئي تحقيقن مان اھو ثابت ٿيو ته سيڪرين کنڊ جي نسبت وڌيڪ محفوظ ۽ صحتمنده آھي. انھن تمام تحقيقي رپورٽن مان صرف ھڪ رپورٽ ۾ اھو چيو ويو آھي ته سيڪرين جو تمام گھڻو استعمال ڪينسر جو سبب بڻجي سگھجي ٿو. ان رپورٽ جي تحت به  سيڪرين جي استعمال کي محفوظ قرار ڏنو آھي. ماھرين جي مطابق ٻين قسمن جي مٺاڻ به کنڊ جي نسبت وڌيڪ محفوظ آھي.