Why Zebra have strips on its body?

NEW YORK: Almighty God, who has created this whole universe. This universe doesn’t contain any creation, which is aimless. Have you ever thought about why Zebra has strips on its body?

Previously, it was believed that these kind of strips help zebras to combat from any kind of attacks. But recent research of scientists have revealed the basic need of these strips for Zebra. Basically, these strips helps Zebra to combat from bites with thorns. These bites are responsible to carry diseases in animals.

During research, scientists used some statues of Zebras and put black and white colour some Zebras and some were painted with white, creamy and black. Scientists were surprised that the Zebras with black and white strips were too less that were attacked by these bites whereas bites attacked on a large-scale on those zebras which were painted with different colours. Scientists confirmed the research that these strips combat Zebra from any kind of such bites which transform diseases in animals. No doubt about that, that God has not created anything that is useless in this universe.



زيبرا جي جسم تي لڪيرن جو مقصد سائنس ٻڌائي ڇڏيو

نيويارڪ: الله تعالي ايتري وڏي دنيا خلقي آھي ۽ ھن دنيا ۾ ڪا به شيءِ بي مقصد نه بڻائي آھي. ڇا توھان جي ذھن ۾ ڪڏھن اھا ڳالھ آئي ته زيبرا جي جسم تي اھي لڪيرون ڇو ھونديون آھن؟ انھن لڪيرن جواھو مقصد سمجھيو ويندو ھو ته اھڙي طرح جي جِلد زيبرا کي حملا ڪرڻ واري کان بچڻ ۾ مدد ڏيندي ھوندي پر سائنسي تحقيق ھن راز جي تصديق ڪئي ته زيبرا جي جلد ان کي ڪانٽي وارين مکين کان تحفظ ڏيندي آھي. مخصوص علائقن ۾ ملندڙ ھي مکيون جانورن ۾ بيماريون ڦيھلائڻ جو سبب بڻجنديون آھن. سائنسدانن تجربي طور زيبرا جا   مجسما  بيھاريا ۽ ڪجھ زيبرا تي اڇو ۽ ڪارو رنگ ڪيو ۽ ڪجھ تي ڀُورو، اڇو ۽ ڪارو رنگ ڪيو. سائنسدانن کي ان ڳالھ حيران ڪري ڇڏيو ته تمام گھٽ مکين اڇي ڪاري لڪيرن وارن زيبرا تي حملو ڪيو ۽ مکين جي وڏي تعداد ٻين رنگن جي مجسمن تي وڃي ويٺيون. وڌيڪ سائنسدانن به ان ڳالھ جي تصديق ڪري ڇڏي. واقعي الله تعالي ڪا به شيءِ بي فائده نه ٺاھي آھي.