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World’s Finest Hotels you cannot stay even if you have huge money

World’s Finest Hotels you cannot stay even if you have huge money

SINGAPORE CITY: Every Hotel or Resort in the world have some worth of it that you need to pay to stay there. Cost of those hotels may goes too high, but still they are available to stay for everyone who can pay them.

Singapore City has a hotel, where you cannot stay even if you are willing to pay huge amount to stay there. One can only stay at hotel, if they have an invitation to avail the room or Villa at hotel. Without the invitation, no anyone is even able to enter into the hotel. The Hotel is located at Sentosa Island and is named ‘ Crockfords Tower ’. This hotel is only available to the millionaires of the world. Low poverty people cannot stay at this hotel, no matter how much money can he bring to pay for the bill.

Hotel is made in a way that persons who are going to stay over here are served with royal suites, high class furniture and round the clock services within the hotel. Its washrooms are furnished with Magic TV’s, most expensive furniture and other accessories. The Hotel has its most attractive villas located within a hotel. Every Villa is of 25 Cubic Square Meters. Every villa has its own private lounge and swimming pool. Villa has a scenic view of a sea and green mountains in front of them. Once if you get an invitation to stay at this hotel that you need to pay $9,000.00 (PKR 0.9 Million) per night.

Caribbean Resort 

Other than this unique hotel of Singapore, Caribbean has also such kind of Five Star Hotel, which is located at a Private Island. Resort is one of a beautiful spot in the world. If anyone wants to stay in this hotel, they also need an invitation to stay at hotel. Hotel charge around $2,200.00 (PKR 0.22 Million) per night. These hotels are considered to be most beautiful hotels in the world.

Laucala Island

Yet these hotels are beautiful, but in Fiji there is a Resort, which is located on Laucala Island. If you look at this resort, it seems that you have been reached in some other world. Here one night stay is of $44,000.00 (PKR 4.4 Million). Here you don’t have a need of any kind of Invitation. All you need is to bear its cost.


دنيا جا اها هوٽل، جتي توهان وٽ ڀلي ڪيترا ئي پيسا ڇو نه هجن پر توهان ڳتي نه ٿا وڃي سگھو

سنگاپور سٽي: دنيا جي وڏي کان وڏي ھوٽل جي به ڪا نه ڪا  قيمت ضرور ھوندي آھي، جيتوڻيڪ انھن عاليشان ھوٽلن ۾ ترسڻ تمام گھڻو مھانگو ٿي سگھي ٿو پر پوءِ به ان جي ڪانه ڪا ته قيمت ضرور ھوندي آھي. پر سنگاپور ۾ ھڪ اھڙو ھوٽل به آھي جتي وڃڻ يا ترسڻ صرف پيسن سان پورو نه ٿو ٿي سگھي، جيستائين توھان کي ھڪ خصوصي دعوت نامو نه ٿو موصول ٿئي، تيستائين داخل ٿيڻ ممڪن نه آھي . ھيءُ سينٽوزا آئي لينڊ تي واقع ڪراڪفورڊز ھوٽل آھي، جيڪو صرف دنيا جي امير ترين ڪروڙ پتين جي لاءِ مخصوص آھي، عام ماڻھو چاھي ڪيتري به دولت جو انتظام ڇو نه ڪري پوءِ به ھو ھتي قيام نه ٿو ڪري سگھي. ان ھوٽل ۾ قيام ڪرڻ وارن کي شاهي بيڊروم، عاليشان فرنيچر۽ چوويھن ڪلاڪن جي لاءِ سروس فراھم ڪئي ويندي آھي. واش روم ۾ ميجڪ ٽي وي، مھانگي ۽ آرام ده فرنيچر جي سھولت موجود آھي. ان ھوٽل جي ھڪ خاص ڳالھ ان جا شاندار ولاز آھن. ھر ھڪ وِلا پنجويھ مربع فٽن تي مشتمل آھي ۽ ان سان گڏ پرائيويٽ لائونچ ۽ سوئمنگ پول جي سھولت به موجود آھي. ھوٽل جي ولاز جي سامھون سمنڊ ۽ سر سبز پھاڙن جو جنت جھڙو منظر به آھي. جيڪڏھن ھتي ڪنھن کي ترسڻ جي دعوت ملي وڃي ته ان کي صرف 9،000 ڊالر لڳ ڀڳ (9,00,000 پاڪستاني رپيا) ھڪ رات گذارڻ جي لاءِ ادا ڪرڻا پوندا. سنگارپور ۾ ان اَنوکي ھوٽل کان علاوه ڪيريبين جي سمنڊ جي ھڪ پرائيويٽ جزيري تي واقع فائيو اسٽار ريزورٽ به اھڙيءَ خوبصورتيءَ جو حامل آھي، جو ڏسندڙ حيران ٿي وڃن ۽ ھتي به قيام جي لاءِ پيسا نه پر دعوت نامو لازمي آھي. ھتي ھڪ رات گذارڻ جو خرچ 2،200 ڊالر (2,20,000 پاڪستاني روپيا) آهي. جڏھن ته ھي ھوٽل مھانگا ۽ خوبصورت آھن پر فِجِي جي لاؤ ڪالا آئي لينڊ ريزورٽ ته ڪنھن ٻئي ئي دنيا جو ٽڪرو نظر ايندو آھي ھتي ھڪ رات جو خرچ 44,000 ڊالر (تقريبن 44 لک پاڪستاني روپيا) آھي. ھيڏانھن وڃڻ جي لاءِ گھڻن پيسن کان علاوه ڪنھن دعوت نامي جي ضرورت نه ھوندي آھي.

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