World’s tallest Building in Saudi Arabia will remain Abundant

RIYAADH: Saudi Arabia has claimed a tallest building in the world with total 85 stories in the building. The building will remain abundant due to the reason that many of draw-backs have been pointed even before its completion.

A British News Agency has claimed about the building which is under construction in Saudi Arabia, to be the world’s tallest building in the World. The Kingdom Tower has 85 stories in the building and it has been built on the area of 1 Km. Experts predicted that the stories of the building are too congested and due to that reason, building will not remain in any kind of use.

On other hand Saudi Arabia has claimed that the tower will have 481 residential apartments, around 200 Hotels and offices. Due to the congested area, authorities have decided not to build Offices or Apartments in the building. Building will only accommodate that it should be installed with such light machinery on those floors, where offices and apartments were planned to be built. By today, Burj Khalifa is world’s tallest building with the total length of 828 meters. Once Kingdom Tower will be completed, it will have an honour to be the World’s Tallest Building.

A British News Agency further told that, Developers and Engineers who are working on Kingdom Tower, don’t know that how much time building will take to be completed. In report they have also claimed that the building might take upto 20 years to get completed.



سعودي عرب ۾ دنيا جي سڀ کان وڏي عمارت جي تعمير، 85 منزل ھميشه خالي رھندي

رياض: سعودي عرب ۾ ٺھندڙ دنيا جي بلند ترين عمارت جي تعمير مڪمل ٿيڻ کان پھريون ئي ان جا نقص سامھون اچڻ شروع ٿي ويا آھن. برطانوي اخبار دعوي ڪئي آھي ته جده ۾ زير تعمير ھڪ ڪلوميٽر ڊگھو ڪنگڊم ٽاور جي 85 منزل سوڙھي ھئڻ جي باعث استعمال جي قابل نه ھوندي جڏھن  ته سعودي عرب جي طرفان دعوي ڪئي پئي وڃي ته ان ٽاور ۾ 481 رھائشي اپارٽمنٽس، 200 جي قريب ھوٽل ۽ دفتر ٺاھيا ويندا پر جڳھ گھٽ ھئڻ جي سبب دفتر يا اپارٽمنٽس نه ٺاھي سگھبا. ٽاور جي انھن منزلن ۾ صرف ھلڪي مشينري ئي نصب ڪري سگھبي. ھِن وقت برج الخليفه دنيا جي بلند ترين عمارت آھي جنھن جي بلندي 828 ميٽر آھي. ڪنگڊم ٽاور مڪلمل ٿيڻ کان پوءِ برج الخليفه کان دنيا جي بلند ترين عمارت جو اعزاز کَسي وٺندي.

برطانوي اخبار جو اھو به چوڻ آھي ته ڪنگڊم ٽاور جي ڊيويلپرز کي اھا به خبر نه آھي ته ٽاور ڪيتري عرصي ۾ مڪمل طور تائين آباد ٿي سگھندو . رپورٽ ۾ اھا دعوي ڪئي وئي آھي ته ٽاور کي مڪمل طور تي آباد ٿيڻ ۾ ٻه عشره تائين جو عرصو به لڳي سگھي ٿو.