Zardari discredited because of his friends: Zardari’s Spiritual Peer

KARACHI: Spritual Peer of Ex-President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Syed Aijaz Shah said that Asif Zardari is not involved in any kind of corruption himself, his friends has discredited him.

Syed Aijaz Shah said that, Zardari’s friends should be ashamed. While talking to Dunya News Peer Aijaz Shah said that, he met with Asif Zardari at Attock Jail in November, 2002. After that we both have spiritual bonding with each other. Peer Aijaz Shah said that he prayed to God for the release of Mr. Zardari and he got released. He further said that, he also informed Mr. Zardari about becoming ruler of the country.

Journalist asked a question from Peer Aijaz Shah, if he can clear the corruption cases of Mr. Zardari through spiritual way. He replied that, Asif Zardari has been discredited because of his friends. He further said that he already warned Zardari about Dr. Asim Hussain, but he didn’t listen to me that time.

Peer Aijaz Shah said that he is in continuous contact with Bilawal, Asifa and Bakhtawar Bhutto as they are like his own children.