4 Americans detained in Bahrain

4 Americans have been detained in Bahrain for stepping into the country using fake information and allegedly engaging in “attacks on police,” in accordance to a police statement released on Monday.

Bahrain officers stated some of the detained Americans were members of the international media but “had not registered with the concerned authority and were engaged in illegal activities.”

The U.S. Embassy in Bahrain claimed it was “aware of the arrest of 4 U.S. citizens in Bahrain” on the day of Sunday but gave no further comment because of privacy uncertainties.

Entire 4 Americans, involving 1 female, entered the country between the February 11 and 12, giving fake information that they were tourists, the Bahrain Interior Ministry stated.

The Americans’ presence coincided with rallies marking the 5th anniversary of Bahrain’s 2011 uprising.



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