5 Best Lists of Water Parks in Karachi

Fiesta Water Park:Fiesta Water Park:

Fiesta is considered to be the best Water Parks overall in Karachi. That is definitely a family water park, with new services and offers. It is adorned with Rainbow slide inside it. The Rainbow slide is a very thrilling enjoyable sliding. Beyond it, Fiestars can amuse themselves through Raft Spiral Black Tunnel, Teenager, Cyclone, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Mountain Fall, Aqua Play, Mini Titanic Ship, Light House and Free Fall. The fee for entrance is less expensive, only Rs. 600 of each person. Other special and particular packages’ costs are numerous.

Dream World Water Park:Fiesta Water Park:

Dreamworld Water Park is a doorway of your dreams, on the other side it is believed to the most expensive among all. It offers so all in one with intriguing facilities. There is a very great range to consider, like Dreamworld Beach, Barracuda Lakes, Boating Lake, Canoe Boats, Crazy River Slides, Floating Sofa, Giant Slides, Huge Swimming Pool, Kamikaze Slides, Ladies Swimming Pool, Ladies Pool Games Arena, and Lake for Water Sports, Multi Slides, Paddle Boats, Rowing Boats, Sail Boats, Water Bees Boats, Water Feet Board, Water Inflatable, and Water Scooters. You can not be allowed to enter there without the card of membership.

Cosy Water Park:Cosy Water Park:

Cosy Water Park is suggested for ladies and gals. It is situated near Super Highway opposite of New Sabzi Mandi. It contains many water slides, as Giant Lazy Pool, Twin Pool, Giant Water Slide, Twin Tunnel Slide, Twin Rapid Slide, Family Jumbo, Family Hill Slide, Kids Pool, Kids Park with Rain Drops, See Saw, swings & Merry-Go-Round, Pedal Boating in magnificent Lake with Island, 8 Children Slides, Ladies Slide, Ladies Pool, these all are the  old variety of this park. Now what are recent ones, here is a check list, namely; Sliced Pythons, Amphibian ,Sliced Pythons, Sliced Pythons with Pool, Gigantor with Pool, Amphibian with Pool, Mystery Tunnel with Pool and Fast and the Furious with Pool. The entrance fee is only Rs. 400 and Rs. 300 for adults and children respectively. It is included among one of those Water Parks in the city of Karachi that provides private ladies slides in a massive range.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park:Sunway Lagoon Water Park:

Sunway Lagoon is situated nearby Gharo, merely in five minutes drive away. It provides you to opportunity to amuse Mega Pool, Children Pool, Water Channel, Central Pool, Ladies Pool, Free Slide Pool, Spiral Pool, Lazy Pool, Kids Play Land, Tube Shop and Lockers on rent. The fee for entrance is multiple, like Rs. 700, 600 and 300 for adults, Kids and student, respectively. There are some rules and regulations; you are not allowed to come inside the park with any kind of capturing device. And if you park your vehicle free of cost so that is surely 100% relies on your responsibility.

Picnic World Water Park:Picnic World Water Park:

Picnic World Water Park is an excellent way if you come along with your family. It will be capable to keep yourself busy and amused the entire day long with twenty-two eminent water slides. 22 slides for adults, there are eight more slides and enjoyable attractive sites for children. The fee for entrance is not so expensive, any status of people can enjoy there. Only Rs. 300 for each person and Rs. 250 is charged to a kid under 7. The park opens at 10 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the evening, entire days a week.




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