5 reasons Karachi is better than Dubai

Karachi is far better than Dubai in numerous perspectives. Some of these perspectives will be highlighted in this article which is as follow:

  1. Every Degree counts:

The climate in Dubai and Karachi is not very different from each other, except that Karachi generally 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the city of Dubai, which makes a lot of distinctions. The extreme heat and temperature in Dubai city are unbearable during the summer season and the integration of outdoor games/activities in non-existent.

Also, the winters of Karachi are merely perfect, whereas the winters of Dubai feels moderate summer season.

  1. “I will provide you the best rate”:

If you have ever sold out your used electronic appliances or products in Dubai, you would surely be aware that what a hassle it is. There is a famous market in Karachi for purchasing and selling old electronic, and that even for an affordable price. Even though if it’s a full junk, you will be capable to get something for it in return.

Perhaps, the one and only way to settle out the used and old electronic appliances in Dubai city would be throwing them into the dust bin simply.

  1. There is no comparison of food:

The food in Karachi tastes far better than the food available in Dubai. The bun kebabs, barbeque and biryanis are normally mouth watering dishes. There are various Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, but very few know the real taste of Pakistani Cuisine, and even that is not anywhere close to the dishes in Karachi.

The most convenient part is the food is present at all the corners of the Karachi.

  1. The Significance of U-Turns:

The layout and laws of the roads are more convenient and relaxed to Dubai. For example, while you are driving in Karachi. You can take a u-turn very conveniently, but in Dubai city, majority of the tracks do not have u-turns. In fact, at many times you have to locate a long way or distance to find a cut.

You need to cross the road? Do it from anywhere you like in Karachi city, but in Dubai, you cannot cross the track from anywhere without the risk of fine, other than a zebra crossing.

The Karachiite has been labeled for street crime, while Dubai has been proposed to street fines likely.

  1. Purchase the products and convert into rupees:

According to the EUI (Economic Intelligence Unit), Karachi is the cheapest city in world. if you covert and change everything in Rupees, it feels cheaper in contrast to Dubai.

Karachi, which is known as the city of lights, is the economic capital of Pakistan. Regrettably, it has been marred with many issues and violence over the years. Though, Dubai may not have been established as much were it not for the violence in Karachi city during the time period of 80s. But we still love our Beloved City Karachi!




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