Absar Ahmad: The Notable Philosopher of Sindh, Pakistan

Absar Ahmad (born in the year of 1945) is a distinguished Pakistani philosopher. He is a brother of Dr. Israr Ahmad. He was born in the region of Hisar, East Punjab, (British India).

Ahmad took a B.A. (Hons) and M.A. degree in philosophy from the institute of Karachi University, and then went to the United Kingdom for further studies in philosophy. He acquired his M.Phil. degree from the University of Reading (Berkshire) and a Ph.D. degree from the University of London. Coming back to Pakistan, Ahmad started to teach philosophy at the philosophy department of University of the Punjab Lahore. Also, he has been visiting professor at universities in Uganda, United States and Pakistan. In addition to academic preoccupations he is honorary director of Quran Academy Lahore.

Absar Ahmad was trained in the tradition of analytic philosophy. Despite this he is an admirer of idealistic metaphysics and believes in the historical concept of philosophy that combines knowledge with practice. In epistemology he is inclined towards rationalism but he does not neglect the limitations of reason following al-Ghazali. He emphasized the primacy of faith to gain the knowledge of something. He vindicates the placement of the foundation of modern Muslim philosophy on al-Ghazali’s thought rather than on Ibn-Rushd’s. Moreover, he has made great contributions in philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, moral philosophy and Islamic philosophy.

Ahmad, an Iqbal professor, has contributed to different national and global journals of philosophy. His key publications are: The Concept of Mind in Contemporary Philosophy, Kant and Kierkegaard: A Comparative Study, Knowledge Morality Nexus and a book on moral philosophy in Urdu.



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