Ahmed Mian Soomro: The Legendary Political Figure of Sindh

Ahmed Mian Soomro (Sindhi: احمد میاں سومرو;) was a legendary Pakistani politician who belonged to a political family from Sindh province that has been active in public life since the year of 1923. Ahmed Mian Soomro belonged to District Jaccobabad of Sindh Province. He was appointed as the Deputy Speaker and Senior Deputy Speaker of the West Pakistan Assembly (June 12, 1965 to Mar 25, 1969); he was a member of the Senate and helped to establish the Senate Committee Systems. He sustained to be active in local politics at District level. His father, Khan Bahadur Haji Moula Bux Soomro, was also a prominent politician.

He has 3 wives: Begum Razia Soomro, Begum Saeeda Soomro and Begum Sarwat un nisa Soomro and three kids named as Mr Mohammed Mian Soomro (son), Mrs Maliha Malik (daughter) and Mrs Sarah Soomro (daughter).

His son, Muhammad Mian Soomro, has held several positions in national and international organizations.

He also held several top level political positions and served as Governor Of Sindh (2000–2002), Chairman Senate of Pakistan (2003–2007), Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan (2007–2008), Acting President of Pakistan (2008), and Chairman Senate of Pakistan (2008–2009).




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