An Overview of Regional Sports of Sindh


  • Regional sports are the activities that are played in side a local area or place.
  • An activity that includes physical exertion and quality in which a person or group competes against another or others and is conducted in side a particular place.
  • The sports that is conducted in a local area and are particularly of that region is called regional sports of that region.

Generally, the regional sports of any region are relied on the culture of that particular region.Sindh is a home to traditional sports like:

  • Biloor   بلور
  • Kodi Kodi  ڪوڏي ڪوڏي
  • Malakhra  ملاکڙو
  • Wanjh Watti ونجھ وٽي
  • Thipai Rand ٺپائي راند
  • Beelarhoo ٻيلارهو
  • Notinn نون ٽڻِ

Some of these above mentioned sports are as follow:

  • Malakhra ملاکڙو:Malakhra:

  • SMA (Sindh Malakhra Association) Secretary Saran Mari said that keeping these traditional sports alive and arranging them on different occasions at more compact venues instead of the primary stadiums.
  • The province of Sindh hosts traditional sports like Malakhra, Kabaddi and Wanj Watti.
  • The game of Kabaddi is merely only played in Sindh, it is played in entire cities of Pakistan, mostly in the province of Punjab.
  • Wanjh Watti ونجھه وٽي:

The province of Sindh welcomes and hosts the traditional sports like Kabaddi, Malakhra and Wanj Watti, deployed on their specific associations, are now being ignored through SOA.

Leader of Sindh Wanj Watti Association, Mumtaz Shoro, said that cultural sports ought to be the heart of these festivals. The SOA, based on Shoro, has provided them Rs. 10,000 to arrange the Wanj Watti competition for three days and also the gamers+players, owned by a kind background, were not even provided appropriate equipment.

  • Kodi Kodi ڪوڏي ڪوڏي:Kodi Kodi:

Kodi Kodi is also a popular game of Sindh Province. It is a 2 team game played by 2 teams. One of the player from the one group go to the other one and the other group has to catch him and his goal is to touch one of them and run hurriedly back to his group. This game is also conducted and played well in Punjab. Not merely Punjab this is also played in India and globally.

Some other games that are popularly played in Sindh province are:

  • Horse Dancing
  • Dogs Fighting.
  • Cock Fighting
  • Dogs Racing.
  • Horse Racing
  • Cattle Race
  • But recently, the most favorable popular game in Sindh that is also played world widely is Cricket.

The above mentioned traditional games are played In Sindh and are of a major significance in remote and rural areas, they also gamble in these regional sports and win and lose lacks and thousands of their money.




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