Bibi Jamal Khatun: The Eminent Sufi Woman Saint of Sindh

Bibi Jamal Khatun, also termed as Bībī Jīv (d. May 2, 1647), was a Sufi woman saint of Sindh province who lived in Sehwan city, Sindh.

Biography of Bibi Jamal Khatun

The only source for Bibi’s life is Prince Dārā Shikoh’s book of Qādirī biographies, Sakīnat al-Awliyā, the second chapter of which is about Bibi Jamal.

The mother of Bibi Jamal was called Bibi Fatima, daughter of the prominent Sufi Qāḍī Qāḍan (d. 1551). Bībī Fāṭima’s husband passed away fairly early in their marriage, and Bībī Fāṭima brought up her children at her father’s home in Sindh province. All Bībī Fāṭima’s children took an interest in Sufism, the foremost being Mīān Mīr (d. 1635 CE), who became the spiritual preceptor to his siblings, involving the Bībī Jamāl Khātūn. It appears that Bībī was also particularly successful in her spiritual pursuits. Dārā Shikoh praised her as the Rābiʻah of her time and described several miracles attributed to her, while her brother Mīān Mīr referred to her spiritual exercises as an example when instructing his disciples.

Bībī Jamāl Khātūn did marry, but didn’t have kids. After six years of marriage, she separated from her husband and secluded herself in her room to devote herself to a life of asceticism, prayer, and meditation. 10 years after marrying, her marriage ended, either by divorce or the death of the husband.



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