A Bodybuilder In Pakistan Has No Bright Future, Claims Mr Musclemania

LAHORE: Salman Ahmed was alone in the mob when he became the 1st Pakistani to achieve the Musclemania world bodybuilding award in Las Vegas previous year, not able to afford an entourage of coaches, managers and promoters like his co-competitors.

Now the 25-year-old bodybuilder has returned to Pakistan and confronting a choice: with no economical support from the government and possible sponsors made skittish by its security problems, he must make a choice between forgetting his bright career and leaving home.

The PSB has now called Ahmed and will see him soon, he states, to hear his problem and suggest economical support — even though the extent of that is yet not clear.

For Ahmed, time of decision is near to come.

“My dream is to be on top of this field,” he claims.

“Finally, I have to make a decision… But with a very heavy heart.”



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