Chambar: The Awe-Inspiring Town of Sindh

Chambar is a notable town of Tando Allahyar District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Chamber Taluka (an administrative subdivision of the district). The town itself is administratively subdivided into two Union councils. It is situated at 25°18’0N 68°49’0E with an altitude of 11 meters (39 feet).

Etymology of Chambar

The word Chambar is derived from sindhi language It means to cling someone or generally Chambar is the sindhi caste which live in the Sindh province of Pakistan like Channa, Chohan, chunar etc…


In accordance with the oldest residential People of Chambar, Chambar is the old city of the period Kalhora rulers. Chambar exists in the period of Kalhoro. At that time, Chamber was not a city but some houses were there which residence in” Rean canal” of Indus River.


Geographically the climate of Chambar is warm in the winter season as well as in summer and it has geographically four weathers which are Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring.

Finance and banking

In accordance with recent researches, the financial Conditions of city Chamber has been very good because of the investments of few businessman mostly Maheswaris (from THAR) and Lohanas (from THANO BULA KHAN) which involve Mr. Pardeep Kumar Maheshwari ad Brother Kawish Kumar Maheshwari, Mr. Ramesh Kumar Maheshwari, Pardeep Kumar Lohana, Om Kumar Maheshwari, and also for the banks established in city Chambar which are National Bank and J.S Bank. The Agricultural condition of city chambar is also at good level Because of the few crops are cultivated a lot such as wheat, sugarcane, banana, cotton and corn.


The industrial factors which influence the industrial condition of city Chambar is the production of sugarcane and sugar mill from where the sugar is supplied from city Chambar to other cities. The owner of this mill is Anwar Majeed.

Revenue collection

The greatest source of revenue collection from the city is the Maalpirri and T.M.O collects revenues from the maalpirri as well as the fruit and vegetable selling carts which run on the road. The Chairman of T.C of Chamber (2018) is Mr. Jabran Amin Hyderi.


The total population of city Chambar is calculated approximately to be 25000.


There are many castes living in the city including Kumbhar, Memon, Laghari, Khatti, Punjabi, Brohi, Samoo, Pathanetc, Noondani From Hindus(Maheshwaris); Rathi, Dewani.


Most of the population of city Chamber belongs to religion Islam some of the population belongs to Hinduism and Christianism.

Transportation Road

There is no any airport or railway station system in the city but there is only one route to Chamber is by road which is known as Chambar road that connects district Tandoallahyar with Badin and other cities of Sindh.


The transportation which is used by the citizens of city involves buses, cars, bikes, rickshaw etc.


The city has secondary level of education the higher secondary is not available yet. But there are few school buildings available there the largest among them is Iqra school. In which students are provided the study from 6 to 12 class.

Social Problem

Some social problems which affect the city are pollution, bad transportation, illegal occupation on the properties.


The most famous game of city is cricket the famous ground for cricket playing is maalpirri ground.

Main features of Chambar’s people

The people of city are unique for their sweet language because every word of their language is so much attractive. They are also famous for humbly respecting the guests.

Popular personality

There are many famous personalities of city like Professor Doctor Loung Umedani. He is a good doctor and professor. Another popular personalities are the two teachers who are devoting their lives by teaching students from Bashirabad High School, one being Maheshwari (Dewani) & other Kumbhar(Ghazi).



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