Despoilers aim Thar temple, Violate idol

As the Hindu minority staggers from secular attacks at their sacred places of worship in Hyderabad, Larkana and Badin, yet one more incident in...

Thatta and Badin To be Drown By 2040: Experts

Islamabad: Thousands of people living on the coastal area have been rendered homeless, Delta`s 35 million acres were thrown into the sea, intoxicated waste...

Who Was Raja Dahir?

Whoever Marry Rani Bai Would Become The King Of Sindh We all are well aware about Raja Dahir whom Mohammad Bin Qasim defeated to enter...

Sehwan: Shrine Of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

One of Sindh`s most renowned poet, philosopher and Sufi saint was born in 1177. He was a Persian sufi saint and his birth name...

Watayo Faqeer’s Threat

One a day, Watayo Faqeer was feeling hungary and went to some village, Watayo threatened Villagers, that feed me or I'll do the same as...

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