NAB closed reference regarding Quack recruitment against Pir Mazhar

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has closed a case reference which was under investigation against Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq for Quack Recruitment. NAB has concluded the investigation over...

Bawarij: The Prominent Sindhi Pirates

Bawarij were the renowned Sindhi pirates from the province of Sindh named for their distinctive barja warships. They looted Arab shipping bound for the South Asia and China, but entirely converted to the religion of Islam during the rule of...

Roshan Atta: The Renowned Actress of Sindh, Pakistan

Roshan Atta was a famous radio, television and film actress from Pakistan. After her start as a voice actress in Pakistan Radio drama, she became popular on-stage, as...

Watayo Faqeer’s Threat

One a day, Watayo Faqeer was feeling hungary and went to some village, Watayo threatened Villagers, that feed me or I'll do the same as...

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