Fazil Rahoo: The Notable Political Leader of Sindh

Fazil Rahoo (1934 – 17 January 1987) was a notable political leader and one of the most popular peasant leaders in Sindh province. He was born in the year of 1934 at village Rahuki, district Badin of Sindh Pakistan. He struggled throughout his life and sustained to be imprisoned for various years and was finally assassinated on the day of 17 January 1987 in back bone.

Early life of Fazil Rahoo

Fazil Rahoo was born in the year 1934 at Rahuki, a village in district Badin of Sindh province, Pakistan.

Entrance in formal politics

Fazil Rahoo won B.D. Elections in the year of 1962 and later in 1965 to become the chairman of Union Council Taraai. He started the “Publish Voter Lists in Sindhi” movement in 1969. The foundation of Sindhi Awaami Tehreek was laid and Fazil Rahu was elected President of Awaami Tehreek after Hafeez Qureshi in a Sindhi Qaumi Convention at Hyderabad city in the year of 1970. Fazil Rahu in a joint attempt with his fellow members organized a Sindhi Language Convention in Jaamia Arabia High School, Hyderabad in 1971. Staged a massive “Haari Conference” where thousands of individuals gathered at his native village Rahuki in the month of October 1979. He and his son Late Muhammad Siddique Rahu were jailed for holding a peaceful political conference at Rahuki in the year of October 1979. Supported and fought the case of Sindhi people during Sindhi-Muhaajir riots in the year of 1983. He addressed a huge gathering under the platform of M.R.D at Badin in the year of 1983. Was given poisonous capsules in Landhi Jail through a prisoner, and in the meanwhile that prisoner was secretly shifted from Landhi Jail to somewhere else in case to conceal the real culprits behind that ulterior motive. In the similar night, Fazil Rahu was shifted to Sukkur Jail in the state of unconsciousness instead of rescuing him to any hospital. Mobilized the people on all levels beginning from his own home where his whole family was actively engaged in political scenario. The women participated through the platform of “Sindhiani Tehreek”, youth was involved through “Sindhi Shagird Tehreek” and the kids also were an active part of “Sujaag Baar Tehreek”. Fazil Rahu led by instance. He himself, his wife, son, two daughters and many family members had to face voluntary and forced, political imprisonment at numerous occasions throughout his political life.

Honors & awards

  • General Secretary, Sindhi Awaami Tehreek (now Qomi Awaami Tehreek)
  • Senior Vice President, ANP (Awaami National Party)
  • President, Sindhi Haari Tehreek
  • Joint Secretary, M.R.D Movement (Sindh) in 1982
  • Front Line Leader, Remove Censorship Movement (Journalists Movement)


  • Anti-One Unit Movement (March, 1968)
  • Movement of Publishing Voter Lists in Sindh (1969)
  • Sindhi Awaami Tehreek (1970)
  • Stop Auction Movement (Neelam Band Karyo Tehreek, March, 1970)
  • Stop Oppression Movement (Zulam Band Karyo Tehreek, 1970)
  • Sindhi Haari Committee (1974 at Hyderabad)
  • M.R.D. Movement
  • Jail Bharyo Tehreek
  • Remove Censorship Movement (“Shaafi Tehreek” Journalists Movement in Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorship)


Fazil Rahoo was imprisoned at several periods in his life. Among the prisons he had to face Naara Jail Hyderabad, Mach Jail Baluchistan, Landhi Jail Karachi, Kot Lakhpat Jail, Central Jail Karachi, Central Jail Sukkur, Central Jail Hyderabad, Khairpur, District Jail Badin etc.


Fazil Rahoo was martyred in a premeditated conspiracy by an axe attack on the back of his head at city Golarchi (Now Shaheed Fazil Rahu) on the day of 17 January 1987 at 02.00 p.m.




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