Golarchi Taluka: The Newly Populated City of Badin, Sindh

Golarchi Taluka  is a newly populated city in the Badin district, Sindh province. The Old name of Golarchi was Tando akram, and then it changes to Shaheed Fazil Rahu after the murder of Fazil Rahu nowadays it termed as Golarchi. Golarchi is popular for petroleum and natural gas. It is also an agriculture centre renowned for sunflowers, paddies and sugarcane. In Golarchi, there are various oil fields in several locations. One of the key oil field is near Kario Ghanwar. The main oil and gas field of Golarchi Taluka is situated at 25 chak on Sujawal–Badin road.

One of the greatest rice growing city and home of sunflower, it produces a reasonable revenue. Golarchi has got various Mills and grinding centers for rice. The total number of rice mills in Golarchi is over 50.

Golarchi is famous because of tractors. A huge number of Russian MTZ Belarus tractors are here giving the farmers help in their vast fields. There are numerous garages and workhouses in Golarchi

Dr-Zulfiqar Ali mirza has also a farm house near the taluka of Golarchi.



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