Haziqul Khairi: The Renowned Pakistani Jurist of Sindh

Haziqul Khairi is an eminent Pakistani jurist who served as the Chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan (2006-2009), Provincial Ombudsman Sindh (1999-2003), Judge of Sindh High Court (1988-1993) and Principal of Sindh Muslim Law College (1981-1988). He was also appointed as the Chairman Legal Committee of the Council of Islamic Ideology, where he drafted the Women’s Protection Bill.

Apart from serving as the Chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court, the 2nd-highest judicial office in the country, Haziqul Khairi is largely known for his people-friendly tenure as Sindh’s provincial Ombudsman. Believed to be as one of the most famous and effective Ombudsmen in the province’s history, Haziqul Khairi took a record 50 suo moto actions on several problems including the encroachment of police on amenity and private plots. The shifting of the Karachi Sabzi Mandi to its new and current site at the Super Highway, making it the largest fruit and vegetable market in Asia, was one of the projects initiated and implemented during Khairi’s tenure which received widespread appreciation. Khairi, as Ombudsman Sindh, was known to be a hardliner against corrupt officials and maladministration, especially known to keep the police force on its toes by regularly directing the Sindh Police to address the issues faced by the common man. In the year of 2003, in an interview to Dawn, when he was asked about how he able to get his orders was implemented especially with rampant corruption present in the system, Khairi said there were a number of honest and God-fearing officers who came out to assist him in discharging his duties.

Family & education of Haziqul Khairi

Haziqul Khairi was born in Delhi on the day of November 5, 1931 in a literary family. Khairi is the son of late Raziq-ul-Khairi, Editor ISMAT Magazine and Begum Amna Nazli, a short story writer. Khairi’s grandfather was Allama Rashid-ul-Khairi, an outstanding social reformer of British India and a reputed writer of Urdu Language. He is the father-in-law of senior Pakistani bureaucrat Rizwan Ahmed.

Khairi acquired early education in Dehli at the Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary School. He then studied in Karachi after Khairi’s family migrated after independence of Pakistan. He graduated in Arts in 1954 and obtained his LL.B. degree from the institute of Sindh Muslim Law College in the year of 1956. Khairi also holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Sindh Muslim Law College. Khairi has written several plays and short stories including Guzarti Shaab (1961). His autobiography, JAAGTEY LAMHEY, was published in 2012

Other major contributes

Khairi is the chairman of the Thinker’s Forum at Hamdard Shura Karachi and serves on the Board of Governors of Habib University. He has earlier served on the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, Council of Trustees and Selection Board of the International Islamic University, Islamabad and remained the chairman of Karachi Gymkhana’s project committee. Before Khairi’s appointment as a Judge of the Sindh High Court in the year of 1988, he practiced as Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.



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