Karachi International Book Fair: The Must-Visit Fair of Sindh

The Karachi International Book Fair is an eminent annual book fair held in Karachi city, Pakistan. It is the greatest book fair in the country, preceding the Lahore International Book Fair. It offers a platform where publishers, booksellers, agents, cultural organizations and press can meet, exchange ideas and identify business opportunities. It has been organized by Pakistan Publisher’s and Booksellers Association.

It is held annually in the month of November at the Karachi Expo Centre grounds in Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan

The International Book Fair forms a part of Pakistan Publisher’s and Booksellers Association strategy to transform Karachi into a major centre in the publishing world.

The Karachi International Book Fair brings together the Asia and International publishing communities. The fair provides access to publisher’s in the Asia, and as such is a significant event in the negotiation and sale of book rights and licensing.

2014 Fair

The 2014 fair was the 10th Karachi International Book Fair from 12–16 November at the Karachi Expo Centre. There were 400 visitors.

2015 Fair

The 2015 fair will be held in the Karachi Expo Centre from 12–16 November

2016 Karachi International Book Fair

The 12th International Book Fair commenced on Thursday in the Expo Centre. The exhibition will continue from December 15–19.



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